DayR Wiki

Version 1.705 (12 December 2021)

  • Added repairs to nail club, chitin spear, and the hunter's chain at the workshop.
  • Repair of the Sipuha is available on the level 2 of the workshop.
  • Fixed ability to repair RPG-7 at the workshop.
  • Added ability to sell tangerines to buyers.
  • Increased the cost of IR-190 and bryocarm for traders and buyers.
  • Decreased the cost of Detoxifying Potion and Energizing potion.
  • Highlight the search button for un searched locations.
  • Added description for alcohol.
  • Chlorcystamine description corrected.
  • Changed the description of the poisoner's ability.
  • Added highlighting of event items and pasta monster.
  • Changed characteristics of corn.
  • Changed characteristics of Detoxifying Potion, IR-190 and bryocarm.
  • Increased steel knife damage.
  • Added rest and search bonus for Potapych (old item, not obtainable now).
  • Fixed durability for knives, axes, crowbars, shovels, hacksaw, tools, saucepans, chainsaw.
  • Changed the cost of repairing the chainsaw.
  • Changed the recipe for creating a Detoxifying Potion.
  • Changed recipe for creating IR-190 and bryocarm.
  • Changed experience for the creation of potions.
  • Fixed a bug with the construction of the chem lab.
  • Chanterelles can no longer be found in the radioactive swamp.
  • Added screws to the loot of some skeletons.
  • Fixed the mission with the catch of the thief (saving the thief no longer drops corpse to loot)
  • Fixed the camp defense mission.
  • Added respawn of the sections in the hive in Ufa.
  • Fixed a bug with the movement message in combat.
  • Fixed the bug with the counterattack in battle.
  • Changed the display of statuses in battle.
  • Fixed movement on water near cities borders.

Version 1.704 (4 December 2021)

  • Added ability to repair Helsing in Specialist

Version 1.703 (2 December 2021)

  • The "Trolley" location picture is reversed to match the map
  • Moved the location of the "railcar" and the shelter near Murmansk
  • Changed the battle map with the centipede and added automatic weapon selection
  • Up to level 16, you cannot receive combat wounds
  • Fixed description of the sniper ability in foreign languages
  • Removed the closed door at the school in Zapolyarny
  • Fixed updating of daily tasks
  • Reduced the likelihood of an event with a wolf pup
  • Fixed endless fight in the wolf cub event.

Version 1.702 (2 December 2021)

  • Increased amount of salt at Irkutsk settlement
  • Helsing animation fires 6 bolts instead of 10
  • Some battle maps and spawn points changed
  • Flamethrower damage decreased but increased damage from burning and chance to hit
  • Fixed bug with 2 queen corpses in Hive
  • Biomes coordinates fixed
  • Buyers accept aged whiskey and wine (I - XL)
  • Progress bar during craft fixed
  • Experience recalculation fixed
  • Resources for brick house and dugout disassembly fixed
  • Milk is affected by storage time bonus
  • Specialist can repair Helsing and plague doctor mask
  • Helsing can be repaired by player
  • Hunters garb can be upgraded without workbench (as there is no more workbench)
  • Increased rad protection, depreciation and changed recharge for plague doctor mask
  • Background colors added for Helsing, Icicle Thrower, Prospector's Armor, and EkRan Protection Suit
  • BAV-485 cannot be repaired by player
  • Handmade weapons can be repaired with glue
  • Dual Mauser description added
  • Steelmaker perk deleted
  • Craft time for glue and handmade needle increased
  • Sniper perk description fixed
  • Wolf cub event fixed
  • Base near Petropavlovsk restored

Version 1.701 (1 December 2021)

Survivor Bases:

  • The Survivor bases have been completely changed, and the new bases have been added. The bases now have quests, a merchant, a fence-sweeper, a craftsman, and a nurse. No more lodging and direct item bartering.
  • Bases offer up to 5 quests, which are updated regularly. Completing quests is rewarded with base currency, experience, and reputation with that base.
  • Merchant - sells items for base currency. Reputation grants access to certain items.
  • Merchant - buys items giving base currency. Reputation allows you to sell for a larger amount of currency.
  • Master - creates items from the brought resources: weapons, vehicles, and others. Reputation gives access to improving the workshop, which gives access to the creation of more powerful items.
  • Nurse - for the currency of the base can restore health, remove radiation, or cure all diseases. Reputation is not required.
  • Removed old tasks from the survivor bases, for them will be given experience.
  • Match the level of the player with the base:
    • 1-20: Perform quest "In search of the truth"
    • 20-25: Olonets (between Petrozavodsk and Leningrad)
    • 25-30: Turbaza (near Leningrad)
    • 30-35: Tver
    • 35-40: Tula
    • 40-45: Bryansk
    • 45-50: Kiev
    • 50-55: Ryazan
    • 55-60: Voronezh, Arzamas
    • 60-65: Rostov-on-Don, Izhevsk
    • 65-75: Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Sverdlovsk
    • 75-85: Tyumen, Surgut, Kurgan
    • 85-90: Omsk
    • 90-100: Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk

New graphic:

  • The map is displayed in a new way and with new textures. It is covered with snow and ice in winter.
  • If the new graphics cause performance problems, you can put the graphics settings lower. The "High" setting is considered normal.
  • Changed the display of the character on the map.Up close, he is displayed as an animated figure. View of the figure depends on the used transport. When you enter a location or some biomes, such as a forest, the figure goes into the shadow. When you move away, as before, the character is displayed as a stylized portrait.
  • Changed global map. Increased the scale. Removed the display of shelters.
  • Some interfaces and buttons were redesigned.
  • Ranked items by rarity. Background colors from frequent to rare: green, blue, purple and orange.

Moving around the map:

  • Moving around the map is now one click, without the need for a confirmation click. The destination display has been changed.
  • You can no longer navigate the water by land transport or on foot. In winter, the water is covered with ice, you can drive and walk on it.

Character parameters:

  • The rate of parameter reduction has been changed, the character is slower to starve and fatigue.
  • Restoration of health and energy occurs only at rest. When resting, a certain number of food and water points are spent to restore each health and energy point. The rest bonus allows you to use food and water more efficiently.
  • Health, Food, Water and Energy can now be replenished beyond the limit. For example, you can drink coffee at 100/100 energy and get 160/100 energy. This will change the color of the parameter to light green. You can't refill the parameter if it's already over the limit.


  • Loot throughout the map is restored. You can search all cities again.
  • Changed the balance of the loot and radiation in the cities.
  • Changed the balance of all crafts. Revised the necessary items and the number obtained. This applies to almost all items.
  • Changed the amount of experience needed to pump up levels, as well as the amount of experience you get for crafting, quests, combat wins, and other sources. Schemes now give experience regardless of the level of the character.
  • Changed the order of opening schemes and the required number of points. All schemes will be reset and points will be returned according to level. Schemes will need to be re-opened.
  • Changed selection of enemies, frequency of attacks and calculation of autobattle.
  • Changed parameters of pets, their treatment and feeding. Now you can take only one pet into battle at a time.
  • Added new doors for locations in the city. Changed the balance of doors.
  • Changed some perks, for some changed the effect, others received several levels. Shotgun Expert perk added.

Other changes:

  • Changed cooking. Added a lot of new recipes. Added recipe preview to the Recipes tab. Added Cooking Recipe item, which can be found in some locations and use it to open a new recipe. Recipes are opened in order. Almost all culinary dishes now have their own special effect. Changed the icon of cooking in the menu of crafts.
  • Added many new items: powerboat, 4 armor, 20+ weapons, 10+ components, 4 lanterns, 10+ food, and others.
  • Added Blast Pack item to open doors. Different doors require different amount of explosive packs to open.
  • Added new locations with enemies and valuable loot to cities.
  • A new button "Hunt" was added when searching the biomes. It allows you to quickly find the necessary enemy.
  • Changed the composition of goods and the display of sets of items in the in-game store.
  • Changed the composition of items in the "Survivor's Secrets" for Premium.
  • Changed the beginning of the game. Edited training. Changed starting cities and starting quests up to the first survivor base.
  • Added "Base Ticket" item to be given to all players above level 20 for a chance to get out of a difficult situation after the upgrade.

The following items have been removed:

  • PM and TT shells converted into pistol shells.
  • Poisoned crossbow bolts are replaced with the regular bolts. The crossbow itself is now poisoned.
  • Homemade cartridges are replaced with shotgun cartridges.
  • Helicopter parts are replaced by steel.
  • Weapon parts are replaced by various amounts of screws, springs, and new weapon parts.
  • The workbench and steel furnace are replaced with the components from which they were made.
  • Dead bodies and skeletons of bandits will be automatically searched.
  • The Steelworker perk is removed. A point for it will be returned.

Version 1.694 (20 October 2021)

  • Halloween event started.
  • Halloween bosses resistances changed.
  • 6 active additional Halloween quests limit.
  • New damage type - magic (scrolls).
  • Humans and pets gained immunity to charm.
  • Executioner restores maximum 2 points per turn.
  • Gunpowder grenade has no fire damage anymore.

Version 1.693 (01 October 2021)

  • Bug fix wolf hunt result.
  • Wolf attack icon changed.
  • New year and Halloween events bug fixed.
  • Caviar not removed after death.

Version 1.692 (16 September 2021)

  • Fixed typos for RU version.
  • Changed text for discharged welder.

Version 1.691 (19 August 2021)

  • Fixed the autobattle bug if a player used the summon scroll in the last battle.
  • Fixed the possibility of melee attack through a wall when one of the targets is on a hill.
  • Added a link to Discord in the pause menu.
  • Fixed resizing on main screen, global map and cutscenes.
  • Typos fixed.
  • Final quest ending text changed.

Version 1.690 (28 July 2021)

  • Another wide resolution fixes.
  • Typos fixed.
  • Armor depreciation fixed.

Version 1.689 (23 July 2021)

  • Wide resolution fix.

Version 1.688 (23 July 2021)

  • Marauder guard can move.
  • Spice, Ermak, Bresent, Raven cage, shotgun ammo, shells and parts are banned to parcel.
  • Chances to get negative effect not shown if you have immunity.
  • Progress corners added in interface.
  • Ultra wide resolution fix.
  • Premium sales added to ingame shop.
  • Change priority of loss items.
  • Typos fixed.
  • Cancel price for perk is 20 caps (even if you have multiple perk levels).

Version 1.686 (28 April 2021)

  • In-app bugs fixed.
  • Combat ai bug fixed.

Version 1.685 (26 April 2021)

  • Bug with attacking through some walls fixed.
  • Fishbait on the ground is counted during fishing.
  • Added option to hide chat during search.
  • Added sound for removing debris.

Version 1.684 (7 April 2021)

  • Pets special attacks fixed.

Version 1.683 (1 April 2021)

  • "Exhaustion" debuff changed for "Will for live" buff (search speed and accuracy increased).
  • Marauders level requirement increased.
  • Bandit and animal attack frequency reduced.
  • Snowmen with ice spoon removed.

Version 1.682 (15 March 2021)

  • Added 16x10 screen ratio.
  • Added A/B testing for shop.

Version 1.681 (16 February 2021)

  • Effects description added.
  • Interface bug in flashlight selection windows fixed.
  • Fixed bug with multiple bicycles and hacksaws in minilocations.

Version 1.680 (28 January 2021)

  • Additional buttons in drop items interface.
  • Fixed status effect icons in combat.
  • Event side quest items and letter removed.
  • Umka sleep bonus fixed.
  • Polar armor "durability - armor loss" ratio fixed.
  • Honey, caviar, poison and lymph affected by Butcher perk.
  • Event interface removed.
  • Shelter mechanic removed.
  • Perk description added in battle.

Version 1.677 (26 December 2020)

  • Fixed bug with ice brigand (2nd quest).
  • Berserk perk nerfed to 0 - 100% damage.
  • Fixed bug with new sounds.
  • Fixed bug with empty welder.
  • Need less ice to create icicles with ice crossbow.
  • Reduced time for wood gathering.
  • Polar armor upgrade bug fixed.
  • Ice spoon now creates ice instead of snowballs.
  • Typos in descriptions corrected.

Version 1.675 (23 December 2020)

  • New year event added.
  • New battle effects: vulnerability and star blindness.
  • New snowman enemies.
  • Queen bee immune to hypnosis.
  • Ice crossbow stats and pic changed.
  • Xmas mood effect changed.
  • Food recipe books added.
  • New year event items added.
  • New sounds added.
  • Level requirement for butcher and gasmask perks changed.
  • Global-01 server added (in addition to Russia-01).
  • New year event soundtracks added. New year event weather added.

Version 1.673 (4 November 2020)

  • Hunter chain considered a melee weapon and not a light weapon, melee perks applied to it.
  • Chat box collapsible.
  • Premium chat delay between messages 5 seconds, Free chat delay between messages 10 minutes.
  • Gold coins and hunter marks will disappear after the event.
  • Bandit spawn areas rearranged.
  • Halloween boss "Puppeteer" spawn stronger puppets for players above level 93.
  • Dracula attack pattern changed, he is now resistant to hypnosis.
  • Hearty food effect and aqua vitae effects are boosted.
  • Food and water depletion rate reduced.
  • Honey in hive increased.
  • Notifications now appear after waking up and no longer during sleep making them impossible to read.

Version 1.672 (31 October 2020)

  • Bug fixes.
  • Dark crystal radiation capacity increased from +/-10 to +/-20.

Version 1.671 (29 October 2020)

  • Added status icon to inventory items (radiation to radiation meds, energy for pepsi etc).
  • changed chat button distribution.
  • Festive event "Halloween".
  • Changed radiation and search engines.
  • Change in water purification.
  • Added new types of meat.
  • Added new level schematics to level 5.
  • Changed weather system.
  • Added durability indicators for gas mask and transport.
  • Added a warning about low armor durability.
  • Added new music, reworked sounds.
  • Changed nickname change in online mode.
  • Status changes to various items.
  • Some enemies icons changed (Rats).
  • Map refreshed (Bandit fortifications, CNPP, quest item locations (Lynx den).
  • Some types of enemies recovered armor values.
  • After drinking alcohol a few times, the alcoholism sickness chance will be displayed on the drinks.

Version 1.670 (18 August 2020)

  • Fixed error related to Android 10.
  • Fixed bug with bandit base looting without fighting.
  • Level restrictions added for weapon crate.

Version 1.668 (13 August 2020)

  • Shop design changed.
  • Steel armor price dropped from 5500 caps to 3000 caps.
  • 100L of gasoline and 500L of diesel price got higher.
  • Enemies showing different damage output inside and outside of battle fixed.
  • Perk reroll costs 20 caps.
  • Pets can be fed food from the camp, not just from the inventory.

Version 1.667 (5 July 2020)

  • Demonic event finished.
  • Spooky spoon no longer gives pentagram location.

Version 1.666 (29 June 2020)

  • Daily quests.
  • Temporarily removed the ability to get a black volga. Players whose counter has reached 80 days or more will he able to get it on one of the profiles.
  • Enemies threat level added.
  • Updated battle interface.
  • Updated battlefield maps.
  • Added new battlefield objects.
  • Updated shop interface.
  • Added patrol for bandit bases based cities.
  • Increased GAZ-66 capacity.

Version 1.665 (13 May 2020)

  • Moving in battle does not spend action points.
  • Light step perk removed.
  • Rearranged perk ranks.
  • Added new town, Pusnoy.
  • Reduced machinegun ammo waste.
  • String to get experience added.
  • Enemies’ health & armor changed (not shown in the "What's new").

 Version 1.664 (30 April 2020)

  • Automatic ammo replaced by Assault rifle ammo.
  • Makarov handgun cartridge case replaced by Pistol shell.
  • Rifle cartridge replaced by Rifle shell.
  • AK-74 case replaced by Assault rifle shell.

Version 660 (17 March 2020)

  • Fixed graphical bugs during combat.
  • Damage from despair reduced from 50 to 10.
  • Pet special attack never miss.
  • Damage from rad rat reduced from 10-20 to 5-15.
  • Fixed bug with ad.
  • No axe needed for rad rat corpse butchering.
  • Need disassembled (not broken) KamAZ to craft the new one.

Version 1.659 (4 March 2020)

  • Login bug fix.
  • Brick oven now is not a fire source anymore.
  • Rad animal now properly show at the beginning of battle.

Version 1.657 (27 February 2020)

  • Weather animations added.
  • Heavy crossbow moved to level 53.
  • Gathering firewood with your hands takes energy.
  • Added clear button in the hotbar menu.
  • Added pet experience for executing commands.
  • Complicated creation and repair of ghillie suit.
  • Mines are again invisible, but their damage is reduced.

Version 1.656 (28 January 2020)

  • All traders on the survivor bases are changed, new ones are added.
  • Added experience for opening doors.
  • Balance changes.

Version 1.654 (16 January 2020)

  • Christmas event is over.
  • Increased damage to standart and improved crossbows.
  • Hand injury in combat now doubles weapon wear.
  • Body Injury in combat now reduces the maximum number of AP by 2.
  • Mines on the battlefield are now always visible.
  • Flying creatures do not activate traps on the battlefield.
  • Resting in a bunkhouse also restores the pets parameters.

Version 1.650 (19 December 2019)

  • Pet system added.
  • Added the ability to return items lost after new deaths.
  • Reduced store prices.
  • New Year items and enemies added.
  • Starter kit returned to premium.
  • Raven pet added for premium players.

Version 1.642 (22 October 2019)

  • Halloween event added.
  • Planting greenhouses moved to seeds.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.640 (25 September 2019)

  • Steel smelting requires 1000 coal instead of 5000.
  • Steel tool strength increased to 500.
  • Belaz requires 50.000 steel instead of 100.000.
  • Some perks significantly enhanced.
  • Reduced time to craft items in large quantities.
  • Added 8 new shelters.
  • Added experience to most schemes.
  • New icons on the global map with the ability to filter.
  • Constructed houses remove radiation from the camp.
  • Less tool durability points are spent on opening locks.

Version 1.639 (19 September 2019)

  • Global survival update.
  • New searching system.
  • New character development system.
  • New cooking System.
  • New map and interface design.

Version 1.638 (12 September 2019)

  • New searching system.
  • New character development system.
  • New cooking System.
  • New map and interface design.

Version 1.626 (21 May 2019)

  • Fixing bugs.

Version 1.625 (15 May 2019)

  • Now you can change your name for online-mode in settings.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.623 (February 2019)

  • Fresh fish can no longer be used as bait.
  • "Tailed Rissole" does not work.

Version 1.621 (19 February 2019)

  • Wolf accompanies you in battles, and is controlled by AI.
  • New environments on the battlefields: mine, trap, mushroom, bear den, snake, swamp etc.
  • A Painkiller temporarily blocks negative effects from injuries.
  • A description of diseases and injuries can be read during the battle by clicking on the icons in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • A description of enemies abilities opens by clicking on their portraits.
  • Added a visible chance of miss and shooting trajectory.
  • If all weapons break down or ammunition runs out you can use fists.
  • The wear rate of items is changed to durability. Durability of weapons is also displayed when you select it before the battle and in the battle itself.
  • A chance of miss in battle has been balanced.
  • Added the ability to double click on the slot in the inventory to equip or remove the equipment.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Rats need butchering
  • Some baits now catch 4 fish (rather than 3) or 3 fish (rather than two)

Version 1.620 (15 January 2019)

  • Bryocarm description change.

Version 1.616 (26 December 2018)

  • Added new combat system.
  • Completely changed the basic parameters of the character.
  • Completely changed the start tutorial.
  • Added new firearms.
  • Added new transport.
  • Added herbs and berries instead of mushrooms.
  • Minor schematic changes.
  • Added interfaces for the gathering wood and water.
  • Removed many obsolete items.
  • Instead of deleted items, you will receive an equivalent replacement.
  • M'cycle capacity nerfed from 535 to 350 kg. Mileage nerfed from 4L / 100 km to 6.
  • "Suits" replace groups of clothing "equipment".
  • Parasitic worm chances are reduced.
  • Date-Time Group moved from lower center to upper right.
  • Decorative Christmas lights around edges of screen.
  • Different vehicles.
  • Workbenches are in some garages, and they can be disassembled for tools.
  • Blurple progress bars. Snowflake background.
  • Field Uniforms replace separate clothing pieces. Typical for other uniforms.
  • Armors have "action points, restoration, starting, and max".

Version 1.614 (24 December 2018)

  • If you lose the battle you do not die instantly. Now you stay alive with injuries and 5 Health Points to have an opportunity to cure yourself and to continue the journey.
  • Added the "Autobattle" feature.
  • Wolf has lost its function of hunting and does not give a damage bonus. It appears on the tactical field and takes part in the battle after the New Year holidays in one of the future updates.
  • To receive replacements for the BRDM-2 "Bardak", the T-72 tank and the Mi-24 helicopter you have to disassemble them. More information about replacements:
  • Special Christmas event! ❄️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄❄️

Version 1.612 BETA (21 December 2018)

  • Fixed known bugs.
  • Added new features to the online mode.
  • Replaced some items to alternative.
  • The nearest players in the Online mode are displayed with icons (chips) of their current armor.
  • At the beginning of the battle you can see the feature "Call for help".
  • You can choose one of the nearest players who will assist you in the battle.
  • After selecting an assistant you will see a chip of this player on the tactical field, controlled by the bot.
  • The bot copies characteristics and armor of the assistant, as well as uses the weapon that was used by the player in the last battle.
  • The bot does not spend ammo and may die in the battle, but it does not affect the player who provides assistance because he is not directly involved in the battle himself.
  • The combat system will be modified in the future and some features may change significantly
  • In addition, some items from previous versions have been removed with the update. Most of them are replaced by alternative or by a certain amount of resources. More information about replacements:

Version 1.610 BETA (19 December 2018)

  • NEW tactical combat system (
  • The automatic combat feature will appear in the next versions of the game.
  • Exhaustion, Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue has been transformed into Health, Food, Water, and Energy.
  • Important! Life parameters system has changed:
    • 100 - maximum good level.
    • 0 - сritically low level.
  • Removed the BRDM-2 "Bardak", T-72 Tank, and Mi-24 Helicopter. Players will receive equivalent replacements:
    • BRDM-2 : amphibian BAV-485 and a battle axe Bardiche.
    • T-72 Tank : KrAZ-255 (truck) and a unique powerful armor.
    • Mi-24 Helicopter : Mi-8 (heli) and a unique powerful weapon.
  • Added new vehicles: GAZ-66, BAV-485, KrAZ-255, Mi-8.
  • Removed all mushrooms.
  • Added berries and herbals.
  • Reworked craft of medicines, armor and weapons.
  • New medicines: Detoxifying Potion, Healing Salve, Energizing Potion.
  • Armor parts have been removed. Now, a set of armor is a single item.
  • New armor: Normal Clothes, Handmade Clothes, Military Uniform, Field Uniform, Higway Armor, Leather Armor, Iron Armor, Chitin Armor, Steel Armor, Tank Armor, also Chemical Suit and Wood Sprite camouflage cloak.
  • New weapons: TT-33, APS, AKS74U, PPS-43, PPSh-41, SVT-40, DP-27, GShG-7.62.
  • Most weapons cannot be assembled with weapons parts. Now weapons can be found in locations or obtained from enemies.
  • Weapons parts are grouped by types: Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, Rifle, Machine Gun.
  • New interface for more convenient extraction of firewood and water.
  • Other minor changes.

Version 1.607

  • Fixing bugs (Advertisements work again).

Version 1.606 (30 October 2018)

  • Fixed localization of some cities.
  • It is impossible to cause a fire in open locations (courtyard, checkpoint, parade ground).
  • Fixed bug with loading at 90%.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.604 (18 October 2018)

  • Improved protection against hacking.
  • Fixed bug with strange TV.

Version 1.603 (14 October 2018)

  • Balanced difficulty in Sandbox mode.
  • Improved rewarded advertising.

Version 1.597 (19 September 2018)

  • Fixing bugs.

Version 1.596 (12 September 2018)

  • Increased quantity of lootable items.
  • Reduced time of injuries healing.
  • Added Privacy Policy.
  • Fixed disconnection in online mode bug.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.595 (September 2018)

  • No "By Weight" for "Location".
  • Many parcels disappear.
  • Can craft thread and respirator (Level 2 Sewing).

Version 1.594 (5 September 2018)

  • Roman numerals in city circles seem to indicate radiation levels. The radiation level in the locations is visible without the Geiger counter. Radiation Zones changed.
  • Fixes jerky text in chat.
  • "Flint & Steel" crafting.
  • Tearing up a cloth makes fewer rags (~4 vs 10). Sewing XP takes less thread and rag.
  • No ‘By Name’ sorts.
  • "The plot of the game is completely redesigned and expanded, new tasks and characters added".
  • Premium status can now be purchased from the store.
  • Added new gas masks, flashlights and other items.
  • The system of diseases and injuries has been reworked, now the treatment blocks the damage.
  • Changed city icons.
  • "Changed game balance".
  • The number of searches in one location has been reduced.
  • Search in night time is now possible only with light sources.
  • New weather added "Northern Lights".
  • Experience boosters in the store became twice as cheap.
  • Category "Base" in the store is replaced with "Resources".
  • Building may catch fire even if it is fully searched.
  • Fatigue level rises considerably faster. Skeleton have more rags and less dresses/loots.
  • Dirty water no longer gives chem exp when boiled. Exploit to boil more than remaining uses is gone. Etc. Add your findings in the comments.
  • Chopping wood with iron / steel axes yields half the firewood.
  • Butchered mutated fish yields fewer bones.
  • Chemical suit is no longer repairable.
  • Eating fried meat can cause parasitic worm.
  • Fishing with spoiled meat yields 3 fish instead of 5.
  • Fixing sturdy fishing rods now costs 5 wire and 5 glue.
  • Vladivostok is not on the map anymore.
  • Quantities for gunpowder crafting changed.
  • "Attach" replaces "Inventory Lock".
  • Torch uses 500 gas, was 200. Torch can not be used to start a fire and does not repel animals.
  • Yeast is gone.
  • Hut and fire icons are first instead of last.
  • New quest items, "Telegram" and "Spray Can".
  • Fuel must be drained before taking vehicles apart.
  • "Door icon" starts text quests.
  • Retribution becomes part of Searching for Truth.
  • Multi-fish fry ( similar processes ) counts up, and can be interrupted.
  • Added abandoned structures and save points.

Version 1.574 (21 June 2018)

  • "Fixing Bugs".

Version 1.573 (29 April 2018)

  • "Fixing Bugs".

Version 1.571 (14 April 2018)

  • 1st aid kit replaces alphacelone in shop.
  • Size optimized.
  • "Fixing Bugs".

Version 1.569 (8 April 2018)

  • "Fixing bugs".
  • Mutant fish are contaminated.
  • Mushroom drop rate is higher.
  • No search bonuses from hearty food.

Version 1.568 (5 April 2018)

  • "Fixing Bugs".
  • No XP for breaking furniture.

Version 1.566 (25 March 2018)

  • Daily awards. Icon change.
  • TV (ad’s), bee & eagle bodies, acid gland, black volga, marks for looted spots.
  • Marker limits / counts.
  • "Utensil" becomes "pot".
  • 5 XP to break furniture (was 10).

Version 1.565 (23 March 2018)

  • Daily awards.
  • Icon changes.
  • TV, bee & eagle bodies, acid gland, black Volga, marks for looted spots.

Version 1.562 BETA (19 March 2018)

  • The military base in the Moscow center has been replaced by the Kremlin.
  • Added animated character's model.
  • Added visual effects of bleeding and poisoning.
  • The reward for periodic ads is disabled.
  • Added the opportunity to watch ads for 20 caps in the shop.
  • Added strange TV that launches ads and a lottery with a different random rewards.
  • To receive a reward, you need to watch through the ads to the end.
  • Added gifts for daily entry into the game. Every day gifts become better, and in the finale you will be able to get a unique Black volga.
  • Now after killing bees you can butcher their carcasses.
  • Added acid gland from bees for the sulfuric acid production.
  • Fixed the bug connected with respawn of the Queen bee.
  • Fixed the bug connected with wrong Beehive display.

Version 560 (29 January 2018)

  • Reduced the amount of metal required to create armor and bowlers.
  • Fixed bug with inability to read the whole text of the quest in tutorial.
  • Added a new save point near the town of Mirny (Yakutia).
  • Character Vladimir (quest for BelAZ) moved out of the city to a new save point.
  • Fixing bugs.

Version 1.559 (25 January 2018)

  • Added carcasses of radioactive animals and contaminated meat, ability to lock items in the inventory.

Version 1.557 (22 January 2018)

  • Added carcasses of radioactive animals and contaminated meat, ability to lock items in the inventory.
  • Drying rack to dry meat and fish, an icon for new message in private chat.
  • Removed Christmas decorations.
  • Fixed bugs.

Version 1.556 (7 January 2018)

  • "Fixing Bugs".
  • Search in forest may yield spruce, to cut and put 'at home'. Decorations may be found elsewhere.

Version 1.555 (29 December 2017)

  • City appearance.
  • Icons in locations view.
  • Changes to crafting XPs, and experience for levelling.
  • Christmas tree.
  • "New Year spirit".

Version 1.553 (25 December 2017)

  • Adds ‘Hearty Food’.
  • Colored Christmas lights in corners. Tree decorations.
  • Coast, forest, and swamp labels move to map view.
  • Skeletons give more survival XP (10 vs 1) and can be ‘searched’ for items.

Version 1.473 (27 June 2017)

  • Optimization of work with the server Bugfixes Localization fixes.

Version 1.471 (09 June 2017)

  • Optimization of work with the server Bugfixes Localization fixes.

Version 1.470 (08 June 2017)

  • Optimization of work with the server Bugfixes Localization fixes.

Version 1.469 (06 June 2017)

  • Switching to new server.

Version 1.468 (30 May 2017)

  • Switching to new server.

Version 1.467 (23 May 2017)

  • New languages: Italian, Indonesian, Korean.

Version 1.466 (19 May 2017)

  • New languages: Italian, Indonesian, Korean.

Version 1.465 (19 May 2017)

  • New languages: Italian, Indonesian, Korean.

Version 1.464 (17 May 2017)

  • New languages: Italian, Indonesian, Korean.

Version 1.462 (21 April 2017)

  • New items:
  • Changes in mechanics:
    • Added recipe for cooking soap.
    • Added a recipe for obtaining alcohol from moonshine or vodka.
    • The radioactive wasteland around Ufa is now radioactive.
    • Added the base of bandits generated in cities.
    • Limit the length of the nickname online up to 14 characters.

Version 1.454 (22 March 2017)

  • Starting a new game premiums will get 2500 caps.
  • Strength of vehicle enhanced.
  • Chance of being attacked by enemies reduced.
  • The Golden Dragon base weakened.
  • Maximum level of following skills enhanced: "possession of weapons", "Medicine", "Survival".
  • Bug with exaggerated damage from injuries fixed.
  • Bug with intensive display of ads fixed.

Version 1.453 (20 March 2017)

  • New vehicles:
  • Vehicle strength was enhanced in comparison with v.452.
  • when changing weapon, the chance to defeat an enemy recounts instantly.
  • New items:
  • New item icons.
  • New bandit base - "Golden Dragon".
  • The store was completely revised.
  • More caps for watching ads.
  • Serious improvement of game balance.
  • Some bugs were fixed, the stability of the game was improved.

Version 1.451 (27 January 2017)

  • New Items:
    • Motorised raft. An improved version of raft which has better speed and carrying capacity. You need gasoline to get a speed bonus. A scheme of this item will be opened on the 4th level of mechanics (with a cargo motor trike).
    • Water purifier. An improved version of well which lets you get a lot of pure water for the short time. The scheme is available on the 6th level of survival (with a greenhouse).
  • New way of saving the game:
    • For the free version players, the "saving points" are placed all over the map instead of "saving areas". The saving point is a safe location where you can save the game if you want to.
    • Premium players will get an advice to save the game every 15 minutes of game (to avoid situations when the player forgets to save the game and loses his progress).
  • New difficulty mode: "Extra-hard", a real challenge, only for game experts.
  • New option on the new game start: "Start kit", an opportunity to get a kit of equipment which will help you to survive at the beginning of a new game.
  • Broken brick oven can be taken apart to get some fire-brick at one craft. 
  • Disassembled cars (ZAZ and UAZ) can be broken for scrap at one time.

Version 1.446 (28 December 2016)

  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • Inability to buy a "Fullmetal trucker" kit.
    • Overlapping quest locations in Yaroslavl.
    • Mad man bug.
  • Changes:
    • Changed the required number of items in some recipes.
    • Changed the amount of experience required to advance to the next level in some skills.

Version 1.444 (20 December 2016)

  • New tutorial.
  • New interface of caps purchasing and discounted kits.
  • New interface of fight, new images of rat, lynx, wolf and boar.
  • New interface of settings.
  • You can pick up/drop item by double tap.
  • You can find all kinds of mushrooms in every point of wasteland.
  • You can find cars on the roads where cars are drawn on the map.
  • Animals distribution throughout the map has been changed.
  • Interface "Explore" and the inventory tab "On the ground" will be always opened together.
  • Items you found will always be placed on the floor.
  • BelAZ does not affect your hunger and thirst anymore, the mission of searching for vegetables has been deleted from this quest. 
  • Premium players get 1000 caps when starting the game, but they don't get Premium chests and electric car. 
  • New images of some items.
  • Correction of balance, interface and bugs.

Version 1.436 (9 November 2016)

  • Camp images updated.
  • Forging.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Alcohol crafting.
  • Trading with NPC.
  • Dugout.
  • Wooden house.
  • Brick oven.
  • Mystery coupons.
  • New cooking recipes.
  • Torch.
  • Gunpowder grenade.
  • Сhainsaw.
  • Cargo motor trike.
  • Draining the tanks of gasoline.
  • Respawn of animals.

Version 1.422 (4 May 2016)

  • Add Drain fuel from cars without disassemble.
  • Added Torch.
  • Added the skill and new survive ability: Forging.
  • Added new vehicle: Cargo Motor Trike (bicycle with cart and motor).
  • Now the saucepans are finite.
  • No more metal plates: welcome scrap metal!.
  • Trade with NPC.
  • The electromobile and helicopter are obtained in a mission and not in letters.
  • Added buildings (Dugout, cellar, oven, forging chimney, and others).
  • The tent is reworked.
  • New camp images.
  • Now, the canned food and water doesn't rotten.
  • Workbenches added.
  • The leather armour are better than MotorWay.
  • Added Packs in shop.
  • Mystery coupon added (offers discounts of 10% 25% 50% and 90% in items of shop).
  • Now, the plastic explosives requires Tidocicline and not Tratotonid.
  • The recipes of medicines are changed.
  • Added new alcohols: homemade wine, whiskey and moonshine.
  • You can grow up vegetables in greenhouse.
  • Added new medic item, alcohol (no more vodka in bleeding).
  • Sewing kit replaced by sewing needle.
  • The Primer are craft able.
  • Human skeletons are found more likely.
  • Axe needed to craft raft.
  • The warehouses haves nailed boxes: it is not known what can be found inside...
  • The red wine downs more radiation than vodka.
  • the closed packages now weight is 1 kg.
  • Broken bicycles are found in Post Offices.
  • New language added: French.
  •  New skills:
    •  Forging. You can get this skill by destoying some metallic objects (pipes, cans, spare parts, nails etc.). For crafting, you have to make blacksmith's bellows and build a forge chimney. Also, you'll need a lot of charcoal (you can get it if you make a charcoal pile). You can craft iron objects from scrap-metal and steel objects from steel. You can make some steel from scrap-metal using a steel-melting furnace (you can get the steel-melting furnace scheme if your forging skill is not less then fifth). 
    •  Charcoal pile. To make it, you need 200 pieces of wood. It will burn during 24 hours. When the pile is totally burnt, you can get a lot of charcoal from it. You'll get the scheme on the third level of survival. 
    •  Hand mill will help you to grind some groats (wheat, corn, buckwheat, rice) into flour. You'll get the scheme on the third level of survival. You'll get the scheme on the third level of forging. 
    •  Nails forging will help you to craft the nails using a forge chimney. You'll get the scheme on the first level of forging. 
    •  Iron pipe forging will help you to craft an iron pipe from scrap metal using a forge chimney. You'll get the scheme on the second level of forging. 
    •  Wire crafting will help you to make a wire from scrap metal using a forge chimney. You'll get the scheme on the third level of forging. 
    •  Iron bolt is a new ammo for a heavy crossbow. You can craft it using a forge chimney. You'll get the scheme on the sixth level of mechanics with the heavy crossbow scheme. 
    •  Workbench is a stationary tool kit. You can't move it after finishing crafting. It never wears out. With workbench, you can craft some high-level objects. You'll get the scheme on the ninth level of mechanics. 
    •  Sewing machine. The same type of object as as workbench. It can replace the sewing kit (sewing needle). You'll get the scheme on the fifth level of sewing. 
    •  Chemistry lab. The same type of object as as workbench. It can replace the chemistry kit. You'll get the scheme on the sixth level of chemistry. 
    •  Primer crafting. You'll get the scheme on the sixth level of chemistry. You'll need a chemistry lab. 
    •  Draw well will help you to have the unlimited amount of dirty water. You'll get the scheme on the fifth level of survival. 
    •  Growing plants in a greenhouse. You'll get the scheme on the seventh level of survival. You can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, corn, wheat, apple trees. All plants grow during 4 months and it does not depend on season. 
    •  Wooden house gives you a big bonus to rest and satiety. You'll get the scheme on the seventh level of survival. On the eighth level, you'll get the scheme of brick house which gives you even more bonuses. 
    •  Fish salting. The same process as meat salting. You'll get the recipe on the third level of cooking. 
    •  Cucumbers and tomatoes salting. You'll get the recipes on the fifth level of cooking. 
    •  Cellar. If you have a cellar in your camp, you food will rot 5 times more slowly. The cellar gives you more bonuses than a dugout. You'll get the scheme on the fifth level of survival. 
    •  Dugout is a first available kind of house. It gives you a bonus to rest and also, your food will rot 2 times more slowly. The dugout gives you less bonuses than a cellar. You'll get the scheme on the fourth level of survival. 
  •  Alcohol crafting. You'll need a cellar, a barrel (you'll get the scheme on the third level of forging).
  • Trading with survivors. On every base in Siberia (except Yakutsk) there is a trader. Each trader has his special offers of barter. Traders never exchange objects for caps or caps for objects. There is only barter of game objects. You can get some vegetables for growing.

Version 1.420 (29 April 2016)

  • New vehicle and quest for it.
  • Main story final.
  • New images of survivors and bandits bases.
  • New map with English cities names.
  • Bugs fixing.

Version 1.388

  • Bug fixes.