Second gas mask obtainable. Gives better radiation resistance than the previous GP-4 gas mask.




  • The GP-5 Gas Mask used to be available at the shop, under the protection tab, for 229 Caps.


IconBackgroundWear Wear

IconBackgroundPickup Pick-up/Drop
IconBackgroundCraft Load (Wear and tear -100%) (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Results :
  • GP-5 Gas Mask X1


  • Try to keep it as long as you can because you will need it in late game.
  • As with all gas masks, this item will lose durability only when in radioactive areas. So there is no need to take off and put on this mask repeatedly, just wear it all the time.
  • Radiation resistance caps at 95%. If your radiation resistance is high enough, a respirator, a dust mask, or even your bare face may be enough to cap resistance.
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