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Fresh Fish is a type of food that is mainly used as an ingredient for cooking. It offers moderate nutritional value when eaten raw however it is best to cook it on Fire to reduce chances of acquiring Parasitic Worm infection. Fresh fish spoils within 24 hours and when it's not consumed, it will turn into Rotten Fish which can be used again as a Bait.


Fresh Fish can only be captured from Coast, Swamps and Radioactive Swamps. They can also be obtained through a random encounter in the coast. To catch a fish, players must need to use a fishing rod. There are 3 types of fishing rod a player could use and they are Handmade Fishing Rod, Sturdy Fishing Rod and Great Fishing Rod. Another important thing is that, players need a Bait when fishing. Different types of Bait offers different amount of fresh fish.


Fresh Fish is mostly used in cooking. There are a lot of recipes that can be made from this ingredient and listed below are the complete list of the known applications of fresh fish.

Image Item Required Fresh Fish
Food Sushi.png Sushi 1 piece
Salted fish.png Salted Fish 1 piece
Ukha.png Ukha 2 pieces
Fish pie.png Coulibiac 1 piece
Dried fish.png Dried Fish 10 pieces
Component Bone glue.png Bone Glue 1 pieces


eateat Eat

cookcook Fry

Required Result
Fresh Fish x1 Fresh fish.png Fried Fish x1 Fried fish.png
Fire Fireplace.png

Storage Time

No shelter




Wooden House

Brick House

Moroz´s Terem

No shelter.png
0% 150% 200% 300% 500% 1000% 10,000%
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 11 Days 3 Months


  • Fresh Fish can be used as a food source for pet Raven and Wolf.
  • Before version update 671, Fresh Fish has a longer spoiling date extending for up to 3 days.

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