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Fresh Bones are component materials that is mainly used to make adhesive Glues and as an organic fertilizer for crops inside the Greenhouse. They have a long shelf-life however once it reaches the spoilage date, fresh bones will disappear forever.


Fresh Bones comes mostly from butchering animal carcasses. Nearly all types of animals with vertebrae has bones in it and depending on how big the animal is, the yield will also change accordingly. Below are the complete list of animals and the amount of fresh bones obtained when butchered.

Type of Animals Carcass Amount of Fresh Bones
Rat Dead rat.png 0 - 1 piece
Radioactive Rat Radioacteive Rat.png 1 - 2 pieces
Lynx Rad. Lynx Lynx corpse-0.png Radioactive Lynx.png 5 - 10 pieces
Wolf Rad. Wolf Wolf corpse-0.png Rad wolf carcass.png 10 - 15 pieces
Radioactive Toad Toad corpse.png 15 - 25 pieces
Wild Boar Boar corpse.png 20 - 30 pieces
Radioactive Wild Boar Radboar corpse.png 40 - 50 pieces
Bear Bear corpse.png 25 - 35 pieces
Radioactive Bear Rad. bear carcass.png 50 - 70 pieces
Giant Hedgehog Hedgehog corpse.png 60 - 80 pieces
Radioactive Turtle Turtle corpse.png 100 - 200 pieces
Note: The amount of Fresh Bones shown above does not have the perk Butcher.

In addition, Fresh Bones can also be found in Radioactive Wasteland and Radioactive Forest.


Listed below are some of the known applications of Fresh Bones ingame.

Items Image Required Fresh Bones
Component Bone Glue Bone glue-0.png 1 piece
Planting Greenhouse Greenhouse.png 10 pieces
Repairing Daredevil Daredevil2.png 10 pieces


Fresh Bones could also be a trade item in some of the survivor camps found across the map.

Survivor Camp Buys Sells
Tver Base Camp Fresh Bones x5 Bicycle Spare Parts x1
Omsk Base Camp Homemade Wine x1 Fresh Bones x25

Storage Time

No Shelter




Wooden House

Brick House

Moroz´s Terem

No shelter.png
0% 150% 200% 300% 500% 1000% 10,000%


1 Month 1 Month(s) 2 Months 3 Month(s) 5 Months 4



  • In previous versions, it is possible to synthesize Coal from Fresh Bones.
  • In older versions, players can make use of Human Skeleton to craft Bone Glue.

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