" Used for forging things out metal. Light a fire to begin working. "

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Forge Chimney are one of the most vital structures in-game that is mainly used to forge useful tools. It is an essential building necessary for every permanent base built. It requires a Bellow to forge tools and Coals as a source of fuel. Forge chimney only last for 24 hours and if the player wish to extend it, they have the feed the forge with Coals.


Forge Chimney's schematics is available once survivors reach level 63. It could then be unlocked in-exchange for 3 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Result
Fire Brick x200 Firebrick.png Building (Forge Chimney) x1

Mark forge.png

Brick x400 Brick.png
Scrap x1,000 Scrap metal.png
Firewood x100 Wood.png
Iron Pipe x10 Water pipe.png
Cement x2 Cement-0.png
Nail x100 Nail.png

" Here are all materials collected and the area marked for building. When building progress is 100%, the structure is complete. "
Required Result
Tool Kit Tools.png +5% Build

Required Result
Forge Chimney x1 Forge chimney off.png Fire Brick x100 Firebrick.png
Brick x200 Brick.png
Tool Kit Tools.png Scrap x500 Scrap metal.png
Firewood x50 Wood.png
Crowbar Crowbar.png Iron Pipe x5 Water pipe.png
Nail x50 Nail.png


To start the forge, players must kindle the structure with Coal and Bellow. Afterwards, they can add more Coals to extend the life of the forge.

CookCook Forge

Required Result
Forge Chimney x1 Forge chimney.png Forge Chimney (Lit Up)

Forge chimney on.png

Coal x50 Coal.png
Bellows Bellows.png

" Used for forging things out of metal. The fire is lit; you can begin working. "
Required Result
Coal x5 Coal.png +20% Duration (4.8 Hours)
Bellows Bellows.png


  • Blacksmithing Quest are one of the popular quests in-game as it require players to construct a Forge for Ignat. Once built, the Forge burns eternally and it does not require to be kindled.

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