" There is nothing around except trees and underbrush "


A forest is an area dominated by trees distributed around the map. It is the best place to gather wood and hunt animals. On the map, forests are green areas overdrawn with trees.

Searching Edit

Common objects Edit

Random encounters Edit

  • Dugout shelter (Forest trader)
  • People talking
  • Abandoned camp


Chop WoodEdit

Firewood can be collected by clicking on 'Chop Wood'. Depending on the items in your inventory and the quality of those, you can chop up to 8h. This can always be repeated. Choping will always consume some amount of the durability of the used item.

  • Bare Hand (12/h) - up to 4:10h for 50 Firewood.
  • Rusted axe (20/h) - up to 1:15h for 25 Firewood. Will consume the axe.
  • Axe (20/h) - up to 5h for 100 Firewood. Will consume the axe.
  • Steel axe (30/h) - up to 8h for 240 Firewood. Will consume 20% durability.
  • Chainsaw (250/h) (needs Gasoline x100 for x20 Firewood) - up to 8h for 2000 Firewood. Will consume 20% durability.


It can be a good idea to build your base in the forest because you will be able to chop wood without wasting energy or gasoline for transport. You will need a lot of wood in the late game for making coal or to build your base.

updated @v.623

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