Information on this page is accurate for version v.667 and can differ from the current info in v.680.


Food level indicates the amount of hunger the player has ranging from 99-100 (Not hungry) to 0 (starving).

Food level range will only harm the player after reaching a 0 value making health slowly depletes until the player dies or eats again.

Different types of food will replenish your food level depending on the nourishing properties, for example, a strawberry will replenish 5 food points but a can of condensed milk will replenish 75 points.

Sickness, perks and medicine can affect your food status either raising, lowering or making it deplete faster.

A character without illnesses or perks will see their food level going down by 4 points every hour.


As said before, perks can affect positively or negatively your status, be sure which you pick.

Well fed. A 2 level gold perk that will raise your food levels by 25 each for a total of 50 points added.

Raw diet. A single level gold perk that makes the player immune parasites and food poisoning but multiplies damage from hunger by 5.

Increased metabolism.A single level silver perk. You recover health faster but food and water levels deplete faster.

Chain smoker. A single level Silver perk. Permanent addiction to smoking, caps your status at a lower percentage if you do not smoke once every 24 hours.


Food poisoning. Lowers maximum food levels by 25 points and depletes food levels at a rate of 1 point per hour.

Nicotine addiction. Depletes food levels by 5 points per hour.


Metocaine. Psychostimulation, you stay awake for 48 hours flat but food levels will deplete faster.


Some foods can decrease your food level. Most foods, however, will increase it when you eat them.

Mushroom with eyes. Eating it will drop food levels by -90 points.

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