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Fat is a processed food item that can be used in all sorts of crafting purposes. It's one of the unhealthy type of edible foods which offers very little nourishing value and reduction to healthpoints. Nevertheless, it's still one of the most important ingredients especially when synthesizing medicines.

Fat will not spoil and will remain fresh forever.


The main ingredient Raw Fatback can only be obtained from butchering animals. Fat can then be acquired after boiling the said ingredient.

CookCook Boil

Materials Image Result
Raw Fatback x1 Salo.png Fat x1 - 3
Salt x2 Salt.png
Clean Water x1 Pure water.png
Knife Knife.png
Saucepan Pan.png
Fire Fireplace.png


Fat is used to craft a variety of item products and depending on the players needs, they can use the this crafting ingredient to their advantage.

Image Items Required Fats
Food Stew Meat Stewed meat.png 1 piece
Pilaf Pilaf.png 1 piece
Potato Pancakes Pancakes.png 1 piece
Medicine Healing Salve Healing salve.png 1 piece
Bryocarm Bryocarm.png 5 pieces
Metocaine Metocaine.png 5 pieces
Equipment Tin Can Candle Canned candle.png 2 pieces
Component Soap Soap.png 1 piece


Players can also use Fat as a trade item in Tyumen Survivor Camp. For 1 Fat, players can get 50 units of Machine Oil Machine Oil.png.


eateat Eat


  • Used to be called Lard in previous versions.

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