Quest to find your family

*It is recommended to complete first the moving town quest, because it will make this one much easier to complete*

It is the longest quest of all, starting at the very beginning of the game and almost impossible to complete until late game. It is considered as such as the 'main' quest.

The quest starts itself a bit after the beginning of the game, when you're asleep and have a dream about your daughter Sasha.

Obviously, this page contains spoilers.

Quest start

Note No. 1

Family Matters Note No. 1
I woke up in a terrible sweat. This nightmare made me remember my family! My wife Galya and my daughter Sasha.... I have to find them! We have an apartment in Vladivostok... I have to go there!

This part is rather long, and will probably take months.


Note No. 2

Family Matters Note No. 2
There is nobody on the streets of Vladivostok... And our apartment is abandoned. But I remembered something ! Galya and I argued and I left them. I just walked away! If I only knew I would never see them again... What an idiot !
  • Go to your family's apartment

Note No. 3

Family Matters Note No. 3
I found our apartment. Each detail here awakens my memories, as if I'm seeing Sasha's first steps all over again, as if I'm feeling Galya's passion... How long ago it was. If they are alive, Sasha is a young girl already, and Gaya might ne with another man. What will I do if she is ?At least I will have the strength to live. All I want to know is that my wife and my daughter are alive.

Or at least have hope they are. If I lose hope, I lose my reason for living...The end of the world that was before began with the epidemic... I'll go to the hospital to see if there are any medical files on my family.
  • Go to the nearby hospital and search the area for x12 lists of patients.

Note No. 4


A large list of patients written in small handwrinting

  • Read 4 lists of patients (~25 min. / list)

Look for lists in your inventory and "read".

Note No. 5

  • Read 4 more lists of patients

Note No. 6

Family Matters Note No. 6
8 pages...
There is a lot of 'Jane Doe' but I hope Galya would have prepared all the documents required for hospitalization. She also signed all the labels on Sasha's clothes in her typical scrupulous fashion. I have to read on.
  • Read 4 more lists of patients

Note No. 7

Family Matters Note No. 7
12 pages...

I read on autopilot for several hours. The list is over, and I'm sitting here in a stupor. My head aches. I don't know where to go...

I need memories ! I should go for a walk around the town, that will spark a memory !
  • Go to Vladivostok quay

Note No. 8

Family Matters Note No. 8
...I listened to my feelings as I looked at the immense Ferris wheel, now toppled and lying in the river. There's something I can't remember...

A kiss !

The cold autumn wind blows... I'm trying yo warm Galy's hands in mine. We are at the top of a Ferris wheel. Galya looks at me. Despite the cold, I'm on fire. Our faces get closer and I feel her lips... The country house in Razdolnoye! I remember now! They could hide there! I need to go to Razdolnoye.
  • Go to the House in Razdolnoye.

Note No. 9

Family Matters Note No. 9
Visiting father's country house brought a new wave of memories of childhood as well as memories of the last few years of how it all was before everything changed.

In summer, we lived here with Sasha and Galya, we helped ùy father woork in the garden, and listened to his stories about the Second World War. Father's grave is behind the house, just a wooden cross with his name. May he rest in peace...

I must go inside the house.
  • Search the house for Sasha's diary

Note No. 10

Family Matters Note No. 10
I found some notes. I think it's Sasha'a diary... Now I know everything. Galya is gone... I shouldn't remember her at all. What a cruel irony! I was so happy in my amnesia! My poor Galya... So gentle and always so serious. It's unbearable to think that I'll never see her again. But I still have a little spark of hope, my daughter, the only thing stopping me from doing somrthing rash. Maybe she has an immunity to the virus like me. I hope she's alive! My Sasha thinks I disappeared. We must meet each other again! I have to go to Yakutsk.

The camp is 2070 km far away from the Razdolnoye house, it will take some time to go there.

Khabarovsk is on the way, it may be propitious to complete the retribution quest, providing


Note No. 11

Family Matters Note No. 11
I've arrived at last. I need to talk to the leader of this base quickly!
  • Talk to Boris, the base leader

Note No. 12

Family Matters Note No. 12
Sasha's been captured by the bandits! I have to get her out of there, but I can't do it without a helicopter. I have to find a helicopter!
Find and repair the Mi-24 Helicopter and use the BelAZ to take it with you to Vladivostok 

See the helicopter page to see how to obtain one. A BelAZ is recommended to bring it to the camp if you plan to craft one from a broken Mi-24.

Note No. 13



Talk to the base members, go to Sangar bandit camp, switch to Mi-24 Helicopter and attack until you win.

Talk with Sasha.

After that, just start back to where your base is or just waste time by driving around in BelAZ for a while. Sasha will attack twice with your Mi-24 Helicopter and scavengers take away corpses. Fight back if you want experience, otherwise just escape.

Sasha will eventually crash and you will go and save her. Talk to her and bandage her (she's in your Inventory in Quest items). Waste more time and she will tell you the story of the war and her mother and grandfather in snippets broken by more time wasting. Sasha will fall asleep repeatedly but eventually finish the story and leave.

The end

Spoiler :
There is only one ending, no matter the choices made when talking to Sasha before. She will stab you, be prepared with bandages and medicines.

"Sasha's gone. I couldn't stop her. My brave and reckless daughter... I'll be waiting for you. When you sate your vengeance, you'll realize the importance of other things... just like I did. And you'll come back to me..."
Quest complete !