Frequently Asked Questions

Ever asked a question but no one answered or knew the answer? Look no further, the FAQ is here for you!

Technical Issues

Question Answer
Is it possible to change username ? Yes. Do it through Google Play or under the

profile tab on main menu you can select the "change name" option

How to access multiplayer on IOS ? Start an "Online" game.
I can't see other player in online mode. You have to survive for 14 days to see other players



  • Where should I make my main base? It depends on many factors such related to biome and wildlife of nearby cities. Two popular places are Ufa and Tyumen. Ufa has lots of good areas for hunting monsters, farming and gaining experienc. Also, the bees make for a good source of acid glands to synthesize sulfuric acid. Tyumen is the center of trade in the online version and also where you can trade Sulfuric Acid for Gasoline and Diesel.
  • Best way to get experience? Fighting, crafting, and quests. Fight everything if you can beat it. Complete side quests as they come up. Craft items that give you experience (beware, not all items give experience and some will only give experience the first time they are crafted or until new recipes are unlocked). Experience earned from fighting is divided evenly between you and your pet(s). If you want to level up as fast as possible, do not bring your pets with you to a fight.
  • How many pets can I have? Up to 3 pets were available: a wolf-dog, available during the main quest or as a random encounter; a raven, available in the premium version; and a lil´pum´kin, a pumpkin cat creature, available only during the 2019 halloween event.
  • How do I level up my pets? Pets will gain experience by: following you into a battle and you winning the battle; and by completing commands on the pet tab.
  • Are there any quest items which can be missed? Yes. There are three of them, and they all come from the Searching for Truth quest line. Battery Flashlight, Vintage lighter and Forged knife.
  • Best beginner perks? any AP perks aside from crossbow/pistol perks, Raw diet, damage perks, Herbalist, Energetic, Magic touch, Nobody leaves, Night vision, among others.
  • Saw some player wearing a tank armor, Bardiche and a minigun. Where can I get theses items? Sadly, these three items were available during a limited time only. Players who had managed to craft or obtain the Tank, Bardak and Mi-24 minigun might still possess them. However, no longer can these be found on the map.
  • Yo no hablo ingles ¿Qué hago?/ I dont speak spanish! What do I do? El idioma no es el correcto? o quieres cambiarlo? en la pantalla hay un engranaje en la perte superior izquierda, tocala y selecciona la bandera que sale, elige el idioma que deseas y cierra la aplicación. / Lenguage is incorrect? want to change lenguage? on the screen there is a little gear on the top left corner, push it and touch the flag that appears, now select the language you desire and reboot the game. Voilà!


  • Left some stuff behind; I think someone has been following me; Can my stuff be stolen or can I be attacked by other players? Relax, online community is here to help you out on your travels along the wasteland. Every map is different for every player and no one will steal or attack you.
  • Im playing online but i cant use the chat! You must reach level 10 in order to be able to use the chat function.
  • What about clans? Clans are not supported by DayR, all clans, groups or associations are purely player made either by Facebook, whatsapp or in game by adding some logo or symbols to the character nickname.
  • How do I send packages to other players (online)? Make sure their name/picture is green on the map, as this means you are within range. Put the items you want to send on the ground. Click the "package" button. Click their name. (Keep in mind the Forbidden Items, which cannot be traded.)
  • What is re-parcel (online)? You send items to another player, and they send them back. These items stay in the "Character --> packages" tab for 14 IRL (in real life) days. In that time, they have no weight and do not expire. However, you cannot use anything in there unless you open the package, in which all those items will be laid on the ground in whichever location you are at, with the exception of Cities, which you cannot open packages in.
  • What is boosting (online)? Boosting is using another players character to help you fight. Before you get into a battle, at the screen where you can choose to "autobattle", where there is a green plus. Tap that, and then select who you want to assist you. That player's character will help you in the battle. This does not affect them in any way: they will not lose ammo. if their character dies in the battle, they will not be affected, and their armor will not wear down.
  • How can I boost other players? You will not be notified or anything at all. All you need to do is stand next to the person you want to boost, the weapons you had equipped on your last fight will be the ones used when boosting someone.
  • Why can’t I send certain items in packages? Objects can be on the forbidden list or exceed the 10k limit. Check question number 1 of the online subtitle for more information.
  • I cannot see other peoples’ messages in the chat; what happened? 1. Check your internet connection. Could be a slow connection 2. Try restarting the application (NOT THE GAME) if the device became idle. After turning it on, the chat might not work. Just close the app and Reopen it. 3. “Sorry, you have been Silenced due to a "minor" break of the chat rules, such as being rude to others or arguing with chat moderators”. This can be punishable. Silence time depends on the moderators.
  • I Cannot access the online mode. 1. Check your internet connection. You cannot be online without an internet connection. 2. You could be logged out of your google account. Just log back in. 3. “Sorry, you have been banned from DayR online”. If a moderator considers your actions as truly offensive, you can win an all paid, no charge, free of taxes and paperwork, hassle free BAN. Want to know more about the chat rules? Ask a moderator.
  • Saw a blue nickname on the chat. I want to change my name color too! Congrats! You just found a chat moderator. Moderators, or Mods, appear in blue on the chat box. Everyone else is green and you are yellow. Moderators work consistently on maintaining the peace of the chat as well as keeping an eye for cheaters or hackers and sending them away. Want to know more? Ask a moderator for the rules.
  • Got banned, how can i bypass the sanction? Talk to a moderator so that he reviews your ban and give you the reasons it was applied. WARNING, there is no other way to go around a ban, any use of exploits, hacks or mods that can remove the ban (given the exist in first place) will most likely result in a ban again.
  • Can i start my game on an older version and update it later?No. Online progress is tied to the latest version of the game on the server.


  • Can I export my current game to online? No, you cannot. Every game has a unique file for it and cannot be exported. You MUST start a new “online” game.
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