Experience is essential to playing Day R. It is what lets you level up, unlock crafting recipes and perks. When any amount of experience is obtained, it is displayed on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Obtaining Edit

Experience can be obtained a few different ways:

Combat: Edit

You can gain experience by defeating enemies. The enemies that were present at the beginning of the battle are the ones taken into account when calculating how much experience a player can gain. For example, if your pet dies in the battle, it will still receive the experience after the battle. In the same way, if the battle starts with 3 wolves and there is a cave with a bear that you could wake up, you will have to defeat 3 wolves and 1 bear but will only get experience for the three initial wolves even though you are going to get a bear carcass at the end of the fight.

Enemies give a fixed amount of experience for each enemy based on their kind. Below is a table with some information about this.

Note that when fighting with Pets, experience from battles alone is divided evenly between you and any pets that were in the fight.

Enemy Exp Given
Rat +5
Rad. Rat +10
Snake +10
Lynx +10
Rad. Lynx +15
Wolf +15
Worker Ant +15
Rad. Wolf +20
Giant Centipede +25
Soldier Ant +25
Boar +30
Rad. Boar +40
Bee Worker +40
Bear +50
Bee Soldier +60
Giant Scorpion +60
Rad. Hedgehog +61
Rad. Bear +75

Missions: Edit

Experience is gained for completing quests. See assorted pages such as Soap Quest. Experience differs depending on the quest.

Crafting: Edit

Experience is also gained by crafting items. Different items give different amounts of experience. With few exceptions, you only gain experience for crafting the last items unlocked. For example: if you are at level 12, you gain experience for crafting Bicycle, Raft, Drying rack, etc. You do not gain these experience points once you reach level 14. Then you would only get experience for crafting level 14 items. As mentioned above, there are exceptions, these being cars. Crafting these at any point after they are unlocked gives you experience. (Motorcycles included).

Shop: Edit

Direct Experience and boosts can be bought in the shop:

Instant Experience(Xp boost 1):

  • Instant experience. Costs 400Caps. Gives 100 experience and can only be bought a maximum of 5 times.

1 Day Boost(Xp boost 3):

  • Doubles experience gain for 1 day. Costs 400Caps and can be bought infinitely.

3 Day Boost(Xp boost 7):

  • Doubles experience gain for 3 days. Costs 1,099Caps and can be bought infinitely.

7 Day Boost(Xp boost 14):

  • Doubles experience gain for 7 days. Costs 2,490Caps and can be bought infinitely.

Dusty Books: Edit

You earn 50 Experience points by reading 'Dusty Books'. These take 3 hours to read and cost 25 energy after finishing the book.

Other: Edit

Experience can also be earned in a few other ways such as disassembling cars, opening doors (when searching buildings), and completely looting a location.

Levels: crafting recipes Edit

Different crafting recipes are unlocked as you level up. Some, you start off with at level 1. Others, you have to reach level 100 to be able to craft. Note that cooking does not require you to be at a certain level.

Level 1: Edit

Level 3: Edit

Level 5: Edit

Level 7: Edit

Level 10: Edit

Level 14: Edit

Level 18: Edit

Level 22: Edit

Level 26: Edit

Levels- perks Edit

Perks are unlocked starting at level 10. Then you get one perk each time you level up. Regular players get a choice of 3 perks and premium players can choose from 5. You can have a maximum of 91 perks.

Trivia Edit

The levels system replaced the different skills such as Cooking Skill, Sewing skill, Blacksmithing skill, and so on. They were all combined and this resulted in the level system, where experience is universal. It no longer goes to individual skills. All previous skill books (which gave 100 experience points for their respective skill) are know known as 'Dusty Books'.


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