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Dried Meat is a type of food that is preserved to last long during long journeys in the wasteland. It offers little nourishing value and decreases water level of survivors. Dried meat does not expire and can be traded between players.


Dried Meat is very easy to acquire. However, players must first craft a Drying Rack to hang the meat for drying. Any type of normal meat can be used in the Drying Rack and once it's assembled, players might have to wait for 3 days to get the finished product.

Listed below are the complete list of meat types which could be used in the Drying Rack.

Types of Meat Image
Tough Meat Tough Meat.png
Fatty Meat Fatty Meat.png
Snake Meat Snake meat.png
Rat Meat Rat meat.png

In addition, Dried Meat can also be looted from Bandits, Bandit Bases, Intact Houses and buildings that store food products. The loot is randomize depends mostly on players luck.


EatEat Eat

UseUse Dry Meat

Required Image Result
Drying Rack x1 Drying rack.png Drying Rack (Raw Meat) x1 Drying Rack Meat.png
Tough Meat x10 Tough Meat.png
Salt x5 Salt.png
Knife Knife.png

Required Result
Drying Rack (Dried Meat) x1 Drying Rack Dried Meat.png Drying Rack x1 Drying rack.png
Dried Meat x7 - 10 Dry meat.png


Dried Meat can also be used as a trade item in Tver Survivor Camp.

Survivor Camp Buys Sells
Tver Base Camp Dried Meat x50 Dry meat.png Crowbar x1 Crowbar.png

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