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Day R Survival is a post-apocalyptic text-graphic quest game taking place in the vastness of the extinct USSR. Available on Android and iOS platforms.


Get ready for a real challenge — the world has suffered a nuclear explosion, and survival in the extinct USSR is harder than it seems. Surviving a zombie apocalypse will seem like fun by comparison. It will be a real challenge even in sandbox mode. A true professional can experience difficulties surviving in the "Real life" mode.

Can you survive in a world where there was a nuclear explosion? Radiation, hunger, and disease are all around you. Your goal is to fight your way across the entire continent of Asia to save your family. Who knows if they are alive? Did radiation kill them? Or did they perish at the hands of bandits, or wild animals? Discover how this apocalypse came to be while dodging fatal injuries, diseases, and other dangerous features.

Surviving after the apocalypse is not easy. Monsters, thirst, hunger, countless diseases and injuries, bloodthirsty enemies — all this must be overcome in order to save your life, and your family's lives. Craft weapons and all the resources you need to not simply survive, but to thrive and conquer the wasteland!

What awaits you[]

  • Hard survival. Hunger, radiation, thirst, injury, illness will not let you relax.
  • Living world. Change of seasons, enemies, a huge map of the USSR with 2700 unique cities. Hunt animals, but be careful! Even rats can cause serious injuries here!
  • Strange weather conditions, some beneficial, but some, like acid rain, force you to abandon all plans in a frantic search of shelter
  • Lots of possibilities. Creation of items and over a hundred recipes for it, many types of equipment.
  • People and stories. Quests, specialist allies. Open world game.
  • Crafting. Armor, vehicles, weapons, medicine, tools and much more.
  • Cooperative. Online mode with chat, trading, and joint battles. Survival with other players.
  • Battles with bandits, capture of bases.
  • Unique items and vehicles that you can only obtain by playing the quests and interacting correctly with the NPCs

Premium account[]

There are two version of the game that can be played- normal (free), or premium. The premium version has to be purchased, but it allows several benefits over the free version. It also helps support the developers to update and maintain the game.

Free Premium
Chat Once every 10 minutes Once every 5 seconds
Sending a package Once every 5 minutes Once every 1 minute
Bonuses None Raven- unique pet that helps you in combat

Survivor's Cache access - helpful items strewn all over the map

Starter set - Chemical suit, crowbar, knapsack, flashlight, lighter, handgun and bullets

Perk choice upon leveling up 3 5
Marker options 25 225