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Information on this page is accurate for version v.670 and can differ from the current info in v.716.


Weak, injured, sick, loud, and highly aggressive, these people have gone crazy, possibly due to the effects of radiation exposure and the destruction of their world. Or from tinnitus.

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This is the first human enemy the main character and player will find on their travels throughout the wasteland. While not very powerful, they can represent a serious threat to the poorly protected main character and player, especially new players as crazy people tend to move in groups.

Mental state[]

Based on the player's and main character's experience and upon finding the first crazy person, as well as overall combat encounters, crazy people seem to have lost their ability to speak (though they sure as shit can burst your fucking eardrums) possibly due to the radiation exposure. However, they still conserve some degree of intellect as they are able to craft rudimentary weapons and Energizing Potions. And scream in your face.


  • Wasteland and towns. They can also be found on roads outside of towns.


Guaranteed loot[]

Potential loot[]