Corn is a food item that can be cultivated in Greenhouse.

  • Can be eaten raw
  • Can be boiled into Boiled Corn
  • Can be cultivated in Greenhouse. Plant 100 Corn Seeds(link) to harvest 150-200 of them 4 months later.
  • Can be used to make Whiskey



  • In Petropavlovsk Survivor Camp, trade 25 Bryocarm for 10 Corn
  • Can be found in bandits strongholds
  • When searching on a road, you can come across an abandoned cornfield (chance and amount needs confirmation, rare and can get 9 corn confirmed)
  • Needs Trivia Section:
  • Prior to v646(needs confirmation), you could use the action "shuck" to gain 1-2 Corn Grains(link) from Corn(link)
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