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Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Required XP 50 100 250 500 1000 2500 4000 15000

Cooking skill 1

Pasta with ground beef.png Flatbread.png Tailed rissole.png
Pasta With Ground Beef Flatbread Tailed Rissole
10 XP 10 XP 10 XP

Cooking skill 2

Ukha.png Fat.png Smoked salo.png
Ukha Fat Smoked fatback
15 XP 5 XP 10 XP

Cooking skill 3

Salted meat.png Salted fish.png Cutlet rice.png Cutlet meat.png
Salted Meat Salted Fish Rice Bun Meat Rissole
5 XP 5 XP 10 XP 5 XP

Cooking skill 4

Pilaf.png Mashed potatoes.png Bread.png Flournew.png
Pilaf Mashed Potatoes Bread Flour
20 XP 15 XP 15 XP 1 XP

Cooking skill 5

Shchi.png Shashlik.png Pancakes.png Fish pie.png
Shchi Shashlik Potato Pancakes Coulibiac
20 XP 25 XP 20 XP 30 XP

Cooking skill 6

Pickled tomatoes.png Pickled tomatoes.png Stewed meat.png
Pickled Vegetables Jam Stew meat
20 XP 20 XP 20 XP

Cooking skill 7

Apple cordial.png Cake napoleon.png Shawarma.png
Apple Cordial Cake Shawarma
25 XP 50 XP No XP

Cooking skill 8

Barrel moonshine.png Barrel homemade wine.png Barrel whiskey.png
Moonshine Homemade Wine Whiskey

Skill training

  • 1 XP fry meat
  • 2 XP fry a Dead rat
  • 5 XP cook Buckwheat
  • 5 XP cook Rice
  • 2 XP cook Pasta
  • 5 XP boil Condensed Milk

Tips on training cooking skill:

Cook stuff as much as you can !

A decent option is fish, which can be caught infinitely with a fishing rod, and fish or rotten meat as bait. Another good option is to kill large animals and mass cook their meat. Getting to the top level is useful as Moonshine is used to craft Alcohol which is used in a lot of chemistry recipes.


  • For detailed nutritional information on other foods visit the Food page

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