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" An empty shore beside gently rippling water "

Coast Edit

The coast is an area where land meets water. On the world map, the coast is a white/gray sand area near water bodies. When walking along the coast, insects and a fly flying by can be heard.

While on the coast, the player can use any vehicle, cars at off-road speed and rafts at normal speed.



Most of the coast wildlife consists of non-radiated animals, but some mutant lifeforms can be found in lesser numbers.

No insects, arachnids, reptiles or amphibians reside on the coast.

Human presenceEdit

No human enemies are to be found on the coast.

Other lootEdit

Random encountersEdit


The player can go fishing on the coast if he has bait and a fishing rod.


  • Coasts, mountains and roads are the only biomes that do not have radioactive variants.
  • While abundant, coasts are also the smallest biomes, ranging only a few meters wide.

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