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Clean Water are one of the most vital ingredient materials that is widely used for almost every actions performed ingame. Primarily, it is a source of drink for survivors offering hydration as well as reduction to radiation levels.


There are plenty of options for survivors to gather Clean Water. Listed below are most of the known methods of obtaining clean water.

  • Clean water can be found in Hospitals as well as Military Bandits Bases.
  • When searching in Mountains, survivors have a chance to find a stream and they have to option to collect clean water from it.
  • Clean water can also be collected during Rainy Weather Event. Survivors must have a cooking utensil to enable this action. In addition, survivors can also get clean water by boiling extracted Ice from frozen bodies of water during Winter Weather Event.
  • The most expensive way of gathering clean water is through the Water Purifier.

CraftCraft Crafting

Required Tools Result
Dirty Water x1

Dirty water.png

Water Filter Water filter.png Clean Water x1

Pure water.png

Saucepan Pan.png
Fire Fireplace.png

Required Result
Ice x1 Ice.png Clean Water x1

Pure water.png

Saucepan Pan.png
Fire Fireplace.png


WaterWater Drink


  • In previous versions, clean water is originally called Pure Water.
  • In older versions, clean water has expiration date of 7 days and when it's not used, it will turn into Dirty Water.
  • In older versions, a bottle of clean water can be used for 5 times which is similar to alcoholic beverages.

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