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A common cigarette.

Smoking is hazardous to the players health as it increases the radiation levels and drains health but, slightly fills the energy levels by 15 points per cigarette, allowing the player to stay awake for longer periods.

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Smoking can cause nicotine addiction but, if the player has the chainsmokers perk, then the effects per hour dissapear but all other effects are permanent.

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kiev survivor camp
Buys Sells
Threads x3 Cigarette x1

Other trades Edit

Forest trader
Buys Sells
Cigarettes x2 Potato x1

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  • You can give a cigarette to Ignat if you have one with yourself, he won't smoke it, just smell and taste it.
  • Cigarettes are known to contain polonium-210, a radioactive element, this might explain why smoking rises the player radiation levels.

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