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Plates of natural armor that protect the body of giant insects.

Chitin can be used to create the survivor's own insect armor, the chitin armor.


Only 2 species of mutants possess chitin. The amount collected can be further improved by using the butcher perk.

Chitin gathered
Mutants Base Butcher perk
Lvl1 Lvl2 Lvl3
Worker bee 3-5 4-6 5-8 6-10
Soldier bee 5-7 6-9 8-11 10-14
Guard bee 7-10 9-13 11-15 14-20
Queen bee 30 38 45 60
Giant scorpion 3-7 4-9 5-11 6-14


Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp
Buys Quantity Sells Quantity
Chitin x1 Scrap x100


Crafting Chitin armor

  • 30 pieces of chitin are required to craft a chitin armor.

Repairing chitin armor

  • 1 piece of chitin is required to repair 20% of the chitin armor.


50 pieces of chitin where required by Sanya the fitter to create a chitin armor in the now removed, chitin quest.


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