" It's stationary chemistry set. It doesn't wear out. "

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Chemistry Lab is a type of stationary structure that is mainly used for synthesizing medicines and fermenting beverages. It's one of the vital components needed during late games and once players build a permanent base. The structure works similar to the Chemistry Set however, the lab can be used indefinitely as it does not deteriorate.


Chemistry Lab is a craftable structure and its schematics is available once players reach level 58. Its crafting recipe would then be unlocked for 3 Research Points.

forgeforge Build

Required Tools
Chemistry Set x5 Chemistry tool kit.png Welder Welder.png
Firewood x50 Wood.png Generator (Fuelled-Up) Generator.png
Nails x100 Nail.png Workbench Workbench.png
Scrap x1,000 Scrap metal.png Result:
Glue or Insulating Tape x300 Glue tape.png Chemistry Lab x1

Chemistry lab.png

Lead x10,000 Lead.png
Auto Spare Parts x10 Gears.png
Iron Pipe x5 Water pipe.png
Car Battery x3 Accumulator.png

Required Result
Chemistry Lab x1 Chemistry lab.png Chemistry Set x1 Chemistry tool kit.png
Firewood x25 Wood.png
Crowbar Crowbar.png Nails x50 Nail.png
Scrap Metal x250 Scrap metal.png


Chemistry Lab can also be found in any of the large cities and towns across the map. The amount of chemistry lab found is randomize and depends heavily on the players luck. Players cannot carry chemistry lab however they can disassemble the structure to get a piece of Chemistry Set.

Buildings Image
University Institute 7-FULL.png
Hospitals Hospital 8-FULL.png


  • It is recommended to use Chemistry Sets that are nearly worn out when assembling the Chemistry Lab. The uses of the Chemistry Set does not matter when building the structure.

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