The chemical suit (aka Hazmat suit) offers the best radiation protection in the game along with the combined armor. It is not recommended for battle as it offers low armor and has a quick decay rate compared to other armors. It is recommended to equip it only when exploring towns with elevated radiation levels. It is the only armor that reduces durability while outside battles, as it has a lifetime of 1 month when worn in radiated areas, just like gas masks.

It offers 5 points Radiation resistance when not equipped with gas mask, and more when equipped with a GP-5, GP-7, PMG, or Plague Doctor's Mask.




Omsk Survivor Camp

Starter set

  • A chemical suit is included with the starter set for premium players.


craftcraft Repair (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
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Results :
  • Durability (+20%)



pickuppickupPick up

wearwear Wear


Can be used to craft Combined Armor. This is recommended because it keeps the passive radiation bonus whilst increasing armor from 120 to 400.


  • The suit in the game is an OZK Chemical suit.
  • The OZK Suit is usually wore with GP-5 or PMK Gas masks. The character's face would still be exposed to radiation, according to the illustration (besides balancing reasons). This could explain why wearing the chemical suit does not offer full radiation protection.
  • Before the v.620 Update, the chemical suit was based on an OZK Chemical coat.
  • Can combine armor by crafting, which is the same as radiation resistance but adds 300 armor hp.
  • Before v.657 and after v.620, chemical suits could not be repaired.
  • Updated for v.667.
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