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" Legendary soviet Druzhba chainsaw. You can use it to get wood fast. "


A soviet gasoline powered chainsaw, it draws fuel directly from the player inventory.

With this tool, the player can gather firewood faster than by axe or hand.

If the chainsaw wear drops to 0% it will not be converted into a item with the tag broken or empty but will despawn with no possibility of using or repairing it, so be wary of the wear.

Gathering 1k wood equals to 10% wear, (unless this is affected by a perk which I don’t know about) meaning if the perk lumberjack is being used, trying to gather 6k pieces of wood twice will appear as possible but ultimately break and thus despawn the chainsaw.

Wood gathering

Wood gathered Time Fuel Decay
30 pieces 5 minutes 150 0.33%
375 pieces 1 hour 1.9k 3%
3k pieces 8 hours 15k 30%

The lumberjack perk only affects the speed at which the wood is gathered, no extra wood or efficiency of fuel is added.



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  • Druzhba is a Slavic word that means friendship.
  • On older versions, the player had to fuel it first in order to use it.
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