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" A standard bag of cement, 25 kg. It seems that it is still usable. "

Details Edit

While only mildly interesting for the nomad, cement is the gold bar of the constructor, to be hoarded and treasured.

Cement is an essential building material if you intend on making a permanent home base and many other constructions in order to achieve certain level of commodity on the wasteland, while the importance of cement cant be denied, it is advised not to hoard cement bags at early stages of the game or if the player is not in the possession of a car as cement is pretty heavy.

Obtaining Edit

There are basically 3 ways to obtain cement.

Looting Edit

Trading Edit


Shopping Edit

  • A bag of cement might be obtained from the rare component box silver tier for 200 caps

Usage Edit

Cement is used for constructions listed bellow:

Trivia Edit

  • There used to be a trade route that had a 25% increase in profit. was removed in V594.
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