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If you're here, you're willing to contribute to the wiki.

Thank you !

This hub will help you learn about the wiki activity, good practices, tips, WIP, ... Feel free to add remarks, questions, suggestions : inputs are welcomed. Also have a look The Amazing To-Do List !

We also have a discord! This is specifically for people who are interested in helping edit the wiki, not for the game in general. Feel free to stop by if you'd like! The link is

Some good practices

1) Please try to provide as much factual evidence about the game as possible. 2) If there is a missing area that you would like to be investigated, please leave a comment and specify what you are curious about. 3) Keep it appropriate. 4) Keep the facts updated as much as possible.

  • See the Standard page and have a look at some articles to get used to Dayr wikia formatting.
  • Use templates !
  • To avoid duplicates and to improve pictures management, upload new pictures ONLY if you can't update old pictures before. See the how-to visual guide
  • After updating an article, use the VERSION template to show that it is up to date
  • Wikia links are case-sensitive. As an effort to standardize formatting, page names must be lowercase. It is possible to change the name displayed on the page with {{DISPLAYTITLE:}}.
  • After updating an article, try to type at least a brief summary on the bottom of the page, at "Describe what you changed".

Useful pages

Templates to use

See templates and Dayr specific templates for complete list. Beware, Uppercase matters.

General informations

  • {{delete}} when you want to mark a page for deletion,
  • {{archive}} when you want to archive a page,
  • {{seealso}} when you want to draw attention on similar topics.
  • {{WIP}} for page under construction
  • {{Version}} to indicate the version which the information on the page was gathered from.

Articles standardization and visual enhancements

External Tools

  • Open Office
    • Command to replace external links by internal link :
    search "\[https?(?:.*)wiki\/([0-9a-zA-Z_\-:]*) (.*)\]" (without quotation marks)
    replace with : "[[$1|$2]]"


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