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If you're here, you're willing to contribute to the wiki.

Thank you !

This hub will help you learn about the wiki activity, good practices, tips, WIP, ... Feel free to add remarks, questions, suggestions : inputs are welcomed. Also have a look The Amazing To-Do List !

Some good practices

1) Please try to provide as much factual evidence about the game as possible. 2) If there is a missing area that you would like to be investigated, please leave a comment and specify what you are curious about. 3) Keep it appropriate. 4) Keep the facts updated as much as possible.

  • See the Standard page and have a look at some articles to get used to Dayr wikia formatting.
  • Use templates !
  • To avoid duplicates and to improve pictures management, upload new pictures ONLY if you can't update old pictures before. See the how-to visual guide
  • After updating an article, use the VERSION template to show that it is up to date
  • Wikia links are case-sensitive. As an effort to standardize formatting, page names must be lowercase. It is possible to change the name displayed on the page with {{DISPLAYTITLE:}}.

Useful pages

Templates to use

See templates and Dayr specific templates for complete list. Beware, Uppercase matters.

General informations

  • {{delete}} when you want to mark a page for deletion,
  • {{archive}} when you want to archive a page,
  • {{seealso}} when you want to draw attention on similar topics.
  • {{WIP}} for page under construction

Articles standardisation and visual enhancements

External Tools

  • Open Office
    • Command to replace external links by internal link :
    search "\[https?(?:.*)wiki\/([0-9a-zA-Z_\-:]*) (.*)\]" (without quotation marks)
    replace with : "[[$1|$2]]"


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