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Weapons require maintenance to keep them functional and ready for combat, each weapon class has a specific type of part to carry out repairs, some exceptions apply.

Weapon parts
Pistol Rifle Assault rifle Machine guns Revolver
Makarov Mosin-Nagant AK-74 DP-27 Nagant revolver
TT-33 Mosin Sawn-off shotgun AKS-74U PKM
APS SVT-40 GShG-7,62
Mauser C96 SVD

There are some exceptions for what parts some weapons use, these are:

Not all weapons require parts to make repairs, such weapons are the handmade pistol, handmade shotgun and the handmade rocket launcher.

The RPG-7 is the only weapon that cannot be repaired.

Version changes Edit

Parts before v610 Parts after v610
Mosin parts Rifle parts
SVD parts
AK-74 parts Assault rifle parts
RPK parts
PKM parts Machine gun parts
Makarov parts Pistol parts

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