A pot or utensil is an object that can be used to boil water, cook and prepare chemistry recipes, such as:

Take good care of utensils, as they tend to finish in the early game stages from boiling too much water.

Game mechanics

The game will only chose one utensil for the recipe, even if you craft multiple items at once.

If you have multiple utensils, or utensils in both the inventory and lying on the ground, the game will proceed as follow to chose which utensil to use :

  • Check if the product to cook/craft is located in the inventory or on the ground. When crafting from the "designs" pannel, inventory is prioritary.
  • Pick a utensil at the same location (inventory or ground) as the item if possible, and pick from other location otherwise.
  • Then pick the first possible utensil, following this order : Pan rust, Pan, Iron pot, Steel pot, Can

Known exploit

As said before, when crafting large quantities of items, the game will only chose one utensil for the recipe, and won't check its durability. That behavior allows you to use a utensil more times than its remaining uses.

For example, you can craft 100 clean water from dirty water with only one can, or with a saucepan with 99% wear and tear. (not work on later versions, tested in v.599)

In order to save other utensils you may have, keep in mind to unequip and move them all in a special "disposal camp" next to your main camp, or know how utensils priority works.

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