The wastelands are treacherous and dangerous. Prepare to get sick and to get hurt. Hoard medicine to increase your chance of survival !

Here are lists of diseases and traumas you may have to face.

Healing mechanics Edit

Healed percentage will affect effects magnitude.

For example, the effects of an arm laceration healed at 67% will be decreased to (100-67)% = 33% :

  • Search : -25% * 33% = -8.25%,
  • Attack : -25% * 33% = -8.25%,
  • Bleeding : +54 * 33% = +17.82 EmptyBleeding/day

Some effects are binary, like forbidden items, and won't disappear until healing process is complete.

Traumas Edit

Traumas cause pain and can make some equipment unusable.

  • A Survivor Means To Have Injuries, Yet Live!
Trauma Source Duration Healing Body part Effects
Dislocation Dark
5 Days Bandage x2 Arm Search -20% Attack -20%
Leg Speed -20% Attack -20%
Concussion Bandits 7 days N/A Head Fatigue +36 per day
Search -50%
Fracture Dark search,
Bandages x4
Firewood x2
Arm 2-handed weapons unusable
Leg Light vehicles unusable
Laceration Fights Sew up
  • Sewing needle
  • Alcohol x2
  • Bandages x4
  • Threads


  • Knife
  • Fire
  • +25 Exhaustion
Arm 2-handed weapons unusable
Leg Light vehicles unusable
Body Bulletproof vest, Handmade bulletproof vest, chemical suit, etc. unusable
N/A Spine Light vehicles
Bullet wound Bandits Bandage:
  • Tools
  • Alcohol
  • Bandages x2


  • Fire
  • Knife
  • +25 Exhaustion
Arm 2-handed weapons unusable
Leg Light vehicles unusable - Speed -25% Weight -25%
Head N/A
Body N/A
Acid burn Bees Rinse the burn:


  • Bandages x2
Arm 2-handed weapons unusable
Leg Light vehicles unusable
Head N/A
Body Backpacks unsuable


Duration Injuries Heal Heal
Intoxication 20 Exhaustion /day
40 Hunger /day
40 Thirst /day
N/A N/A 20+ Intox
Dysentery 25 Poison /day 5x Flemincillin Dirty water
Parasitic worms + 10 Poison (+1/day)
+ 3Hunger(+1/2days)
+ 1 Thirst(+1/3days)
- 20% fullness
Heal 1:
10x Bryocarm
Heal 2:
1x Condensed milk
1x Pickles
1x Salted fish
Heal 2:
+25 SS
Rotten food
Raw meat
Fresh fish

Raw fatback

Intestinal ulcer +1 Hunger /day
+1 Thirst /day
+1 Bleeding/day
5x Protosepame
Black scabies no trousers
+1 Fatigue /day
20x Sulfatanide Black
Sleepy sickness +1 Exhaustion /day
+1 Fatigue /day
5x Lidacid-34
1x Hot coffee
- 14 days

- 5 days

Bad sleeping


Blindness -90% Search
-90% Attack
10x Metokoin White/Yellow

Creaky foot Edit

Since I twisted my ankle, it hurts when I walk. Now it's getting worse, it feels like a big needle piercing my heel.

Tips :

  • Try to avoid to gad about to much with bicycle over extreme distances (> 500 km) or the same with a raft (looks like, with it, its smaller chance to suffer), my opinion is, that it could appear/can happen during long journeys through the wasteland.
  • Can be healed with/needed for: x10 Kazotein
  • Duration of healing process: approx. 180 days

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