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Tools are used to help the player with a variety of tasks ranging from cutting wood to assembling vehicles.

There are nine types of tools:

  1. Axe (tool)
  2. Knife (tool)
  3. Sewing needle (tool)
  4. Hacksaw (tool)
  5. Shovel (tool)
  6. Crowbar (tool)
  7. Tool kit (tool)
  8. Chemistry set (tool)
  9. Saucepan (tool)

Priority[edit | edit source]

Tools, as well as some materials with substitute such as Glue/tape, have an ordered list of priority on which ones to be used first if the character has more than one possible items for the schematics. The mechanics on how the game chooses the tools is as follows:

  1. Prioritize the tools on the same location as the item being worked on. For example, when butchering a carcass on the ground, tools on the ground will be used first. When butchering a carcass on the inventory, tools on the inventory will be used first.
    1. Crafting schematics counts as being in the inventory, so tools in the inventory will be prioritized.
    2. An exception would be stationary tools, such as Workbench and Chemistry lab. They are always prioritized regardless of the location of the item being worked on.
  2. After the location of the tool is selected, if there are multiple possible tools, pick based on the tool-specific priority. For example, with hacksaws it will first use the Rusted hacksaw, and then the Hacksaw. Similarly, bone glue will be used first before tape when the schematics calls for Glue/Tape.

Read more about the priority of each tool on the respective tool page.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While most tools have rusted, iron and steel variations, the hacksaw does not have an iron variation and the hand mill does not have rusted or steel versions.
  • Interestingly, hacksaws can only be crafted with steel and have the durability of an iron tool, but rusted ones can be found.

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