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// This is no longer valid. It's according to the old version !!!

After the new functions are unlocked through the level. //

Here is the list of skills and tips to train them. Outdated in v638. See Perks

Main Skills

Book chemistry skill

Chemistry skill

Early game:

Later game:

  • Make more bone glue, soap, sulfur, saltpeter, gunpowder
  • Craft a chemistry lab, gather plants, craft medicines
Cookery Book Cooking skill

Cooking skill

Absolutely essential to save time between meals early to mid-game, and to start trading routes later on. Long but easy to train, follows well the gameplay.

Early game :

  • Find, kill, and fry all of the rats you can find while also making sure you collect salt from Intact houses and Canteens to cook Tailed Rissoles.
  • (since v.593) BEWARE OF FRIED MEAT! It still contains parasitic worms (~5%). If you suffer Parasitic worms disease (around for 28 days), you need to heal it with Detoxifying Potion periodically every 7 days.
  • Save your can, saucepan, or even rusted saucepan because it is very important stuff to cook something. Loot from any restaurant, intact house, department store, or elsewhere, and ALWAYS bring it with you wherever you go.
  • Handmade primus stove will help you to cook wherever you are (maybe not on water).
  • Canned meal also provide can after you consumed it.

Later game :

  • Generally, just keep cooking everything you find, even if it just means mass-burning extra meat before it spoils. Shashlik, Ukha (fish soup) and mushroom soup are the most beneficial. Stew meat won't spoil once cooked.
  • Cook "hearty food" to provide you some health booster. Once you consume it, you will provided with movement booster and capacity booster (around +25%), hunger and thirst will keep decrease in every hour and these all will last for 2 days.
  • Build Cellar to provide good food storage (food will last five times longer).
Book blacksmith forging skill

Blacksmithing skill

This skill is fairly easy to train and pretty useful mid-late game, especialy when reaching the steel furnace.

Early game :

  • Since v.593, scraping nails or other vehicles does not giving any blacksmith experience to unlock first tier of blacksmithing skill. You need to finish "Blacksmithing" quest. In order to receive the quest, you need to visit Tula survivor camp (Tula is located southwest of Moscow) and talk to Ignat. After that, you need to fulfill all the material required to build Ignat's furnace (forge chimney). Once is done, you can forge scrap from Tula.
  • Ignat's furnace is the "eternal" forge chimney that will always lit and does not require coal to kindle it.
  • Bellows is the most required tools to do forge. Make sure you have it. Unlock tanning mixture (Chemistry lv. 3) and prepared skin (Sewing lv. 4) to get prepared skin for bellows.

Later game :

  • Once the forge is built, and bellows crafted, the most effective way to progress is to craft pipes. It won't be useless as pipes are needed is other constructions. 
  • Steelmaking furnace is required to produce steel which is main materials to forge the best quality tools and equipment in the game, although much much more materials are required to make steelmaking furnace. As for comparison, Iron pot will lasts for 200 uses, besides the Steel pot lasts for 5000 uses! 
Book mechanics skill

Mechanics skill

Mechanics is probably the longest main skill to train. It is essential to access powerful end-game vehicles. It is relatively hard to train as it requires lots of tools and materials.

Keep in mind to save some tools durability for repairing vehicles, and keep tools with few uses left for the construction of a workbench.

Early game :

  • Break down anything that can give you Xp : Cars, broken bicycles, and weapons.
  • If you have a vehicle, always keep it repaired. Wait for 20% wear and tear if you're low on materials.
  • Craft some weapons with flint, wood, tape. Tape can be replaced by synthesised bone glue most of the time. You can make heaps of knives or axes but you may want the nails for forging skill.

Later Game :

  • Try to craft a workbench as soon as possible. It is required by many advanced recipes, and won't lose durability.
  • Craft some tools you need (welder,...) and some cars (UAZ-452 is pretty useful, GAZ-24 also). Don't craft all the cars until very late game, some materials are hard to get and may stop your progression when KamAZ is unlocked.
  • Most efficiency method in this phase is crafting any kind of bullets, until you can craft revolver bullet. You can buy sulfur, potassium nitrate, and ammo cases in survivor camps.
  • Disassemble bullets you made for extra Xp and to get some materials back.
  • DO NOT craft other type ammo unless you want to accumulate it. Revolver bullets are the most material/Xp efficient. Example with rifle ammos :
Materials from lvl 11 to lvl 14 steel potassium nitrate colloidal sulfur
Rifle ammo 357 60 9
Revolver ammo 341 29 5
Book sewing skill

Sewing skill

This skill is boring to train but very useful early on : extra defense and larger backpacks are much appreciated, the ghillie is absolutly essential to avoid toughest fights, the tent and sleeping bag will help you save time, the skin preparation is necessary to begin forging.

If you can't progress early on because of wild animal, take some time to train and craft a better armor, and a ghilie.

  • Tear clothes. All of them.
  • Make/tear cloth masks. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Tourism book survival

Survival skill

This skill will improve your exhaustion death threshold, and unlock essential construction recipes. It will progress with every action you make, over time, when reading books, when burying skeletons, and when completing quests from survivor camps. It will progress very quickly with quest. You may want to train until level 3, but don't bother training too hard after that.

  • If you have a shovel, dig graves.


Crossbows skill

  • Fight enemies with crossbows
  • A Heavy crossbow gives most experience in this category

Explosive skill

  • Fight enemies with explosives
  • Explosive weapons are hard to come by but self made weapons are the best as they can be crafted (molotov cocktail, gunpowder grenade).

Firearm skill

  • Fight enemies with pistols, rifles
  • A good early skill to have but ammo and weapons can be hard to find. City fort bandits are a good source if you can take them on and live.

Melee weapons skill

  • Make an iron axe, handmade spear, knife and fight with it.

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