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Information on this page is accurate for version v.674 and can differ from the current info in v.716.

Light is necessary to search at night. Light effects :

  • decrease animals attack rate
  • increase bandit attack rate
  • increase search speed

All light sources only decrease their durability when equipped while searching, even when their light bonus is negated by daylight. For example, searching at day light (100%) with Flashlight (75%) will still consume 2% of its durability per item search.

Light source durability reduction rate does not depend on the time spent to search. For example, when opening a lock that takes 3 hours (like removing rubble by hand), only one usage is spent.

A minimum light level of 20% is required to do item searches indoors, otherwise the player will refuse to search, stating "Too dark". This minimum level of search is obtained at 4:31, and ended at 20:30. If the player is still searching at 20:30, it will pause and refuse to continue, stating "Too dark". The player will then have the option to assign a light source to continue searching, or to quit.

The base time (without any Veteran Looter perk) to search an item is 15 mins at 100% light. The actual item search time taken is calculated using the following formula:

  • Search Time (in mins) = 15 / ( (100% + [Veteran Looter level]*10%) * [Light level])

The search time is capped to minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes. This search time is calculated once at the beginning of the search, and used throughout the search until all items are searched, or the light level goes under 20%, or the player is exhausted (10 energy). So when starting a search in the morning (before 5:00), sometimes it is beneficial to quit searching after the first item, then continue searching. As the calculation is redone with a higher light level, the overall search time will be lower.

For example, with Veteran Looter level 1 (10% improvement) searching at night using Tin can candle (75% light level) results in 15 / ((100%+10%) * 75%) = 18.18 mins per item search. So, searching a Pharmacy with 3 items will take 54.54 minutes, which is shown as 54 minutes.


When searching, you have a chance of finding each item shown under each icon. Using a light source will increase the probability of finding each item by the light source's search bonus (indicated in the item icon).


Searching at night with a light level under 50% may cause fracture and dislocation traumas before V595.

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