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Basics of Fishing[]

When in the coast, water, swamp or rad. swamp biome, there will be an option to start fishing.

To start fishing you need a fishing rod and some bait.

When tapping the start fishing button you will be prompted to select a rod to use, and a bait.

Some items you can use for bait are rusks, meat, and also rotten meat. Based on the item you use as a bait the amount of fish you will be likely to get changes.

While fishing, there is a small chance to get caviar. your chances of getting caviar while fishing can increase if you use the Great Fishing Rod. Regardless of the amount of fish you can catch, catching caviar is its own set amount. (i.e if you use raw fatback that catch up to 2 fish, it is possible to catch more than 2 caviar.)


  • Tula Pryanik is the best fish bait in the game!
  • Based on the design of fresh fish, it seems to have mutated from radiation since it has three (or more) eyes.

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