This category contains all the buildings you can find in Day R. The main purpose of this page is to give information about loot and where to find it. Help is appreciated!

Loot is generated randomly for each player, but some items will only appear in specific building types.

A Searching bonus will speed up looting but won't change the acquired loots quality.

Searching takes time, and if you want stop, press the button marked "Stop". If you get attacked while you are searching, you will be forced to stop and face the attackers. Canceling and quitting can circumvent this. Also, sometimes obstacles will block your way while searching, and will require tools or grenades to clear them. A light will significantly decrease the time needed to search. If a flashlight, tool and/or grenade is not equipped, then searching takes much longer. When you scavenge in Moscow, a Looter may appear from time to time while scavenging a building, and will attack you which can end in your death due to their Sawed Off Mosin which is fatal unless you have AK74 or other powerful firearm. If you also have better armor, threatening them may be a good way to end the confrontation. If you successfully threaten them, they will run away and you can loot in piece. Otherwise, you have a fight on your hands. v1.639 - AngelRealms

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