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There are plenty of bandits roaming around the wasteland, so they must take shelter somewhere, these places are called bandit bases.

Bandit bases can be classified in 2:

  • Bandit city forts
  • Bandit Forts

Bandit city forts Edit

The city forts are reconditioned structures that can provide shelter to the bandits from radiation and other creatures. this forts come in 3 levels, each varying in strength, firepower and construction type, location on the world map also affects their power levels.

Bandit city forts have patrols on the city they reside.

  • Bandit city fort level 1.Intact houses
  • Bandit city fort level 2.Construction sites
  • Bandit city fort level 3. Military bases

All 3 types of city forts can be easily distinguished from other structures because of the structural modification the bandits have made in order to make these places habitable and defendable.

Bandit forts Edit

Residing in the wasteland instead of inside the numerous cities of the old USSR, some bandits have grouped together in larger fortifications. theses gangs are tougher and usually have better equipment than their city counter parts.

Bandit forts can also be classified into 2 different categories:

  • Bandit fortifications
  • Super bandit camps

Both share the same in-game icon and description, yet only 5 of them are considered super bandit camps, these are ever stronger, deadlier and better equipped than other wasteland forts. the Super camps are

  • Magadan gang fort
  • Kamchatka gang fort
  • Muroran gang fort
  • Magdeburg gang fort
  • Golden dragon fort

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