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A backpack is a special piece of equipment designed to increase the carrying capacity of the player. Keep in mind that different backpacks offer different capacities and durability.

Backpack models Edit

Road bag
Tourist backpack
Name Sack Schoolbag Knapsack Rucksack Tourist backpack
Weight 1 kg 1.5 kg 2 kg 2.5 kg 3.5 kg
Capacity 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 30 kg 50 kg
Craftable Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Repairable No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tradable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

(Objects found)

100 200 300 400 500

Durability measure Edit

Durability for backpacks is measured in searches. Every object found inside a building is considered 1 search. See the picture below for a clearer example. In this intact house there are 4 objects available: human skeleton, furniture, can and normal clothing. Independently of how many of the same item is found (such as 5 cans), searching this location will only count as 4 searches.


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