• Needed to assemble vehicles : x1 for cars, x2 for the minivan and trucks, and x4 for the BRDM-2, x5 for the Mi-24.
  • x5 Required to assemble an Electromobile
  • x5 Required for the Mini hydro power plant quest (getting the electric motor for the electromobile)
  • x50 Required for the Moving city quest (getting the BelAZ, the best vehicle in the game)
  • x10 Required to mark the Steelmaking furnace
  • Mind the weight, instead of carrying these, it might be a better idea to carry only the Sulfuric acid and craft the battery when in need, on the required location



You can find a working car in the quest Searching for truth, by searching the abandoned bandits camp (step 32/33). Although it is not recommanded, you can disassemble it, and retrieve one car battery.


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Recipe is unlocked at chemistry skill level 5
Requires the following materials :
Results :



  • Used to be called "automative battery"