" You can exchange caps for new items in the shop. "

Caps are a post-apocalyptic currency used to buy objects at the shop, or to buy some rest in survivor camps.

It can be useful to get you out of a tight situation, or just to help you gather the last items required for a quest. Large amounts of fuel, for example, are needed for the moving city quest.

The caps don't have any weight and can't be dropped.

Obtaining Caps Edit

  • The premium version offers 2,500 caps when starting a new game.
  • Watching ads adds 20 caps each time.
  • Camp Bandits can drop 25 or more caps, and their city forts can drop up to 1,000 caps.

Trivia Edit

  • The caps used to have "Day R" written in top
  • Who are the craziest man, the same who reuniting 1,000 caps at train
  • Caps are used as a currency in multiple post-apocalyptic worlds (DayR, Fallout, Mad Max, and so on)
  • Caps cannot be traded in on-line games.
  • Pepsi used to give 1 cap when consumed
  • Prices at the Shop are MUCH higher after the latest update