Details Edit

It is the last location for the Retribution quest.

This bandit camp is equipped with an Mi-24 helicopter.

  • Damage : Depends on your armor
  • Chance to win : Depends on you weapons and weapons skill

Location Edit

This bandit camp is in the far east. It is nearby the coast with the Sea of Japan, far away travelling beyond Irkutsk till reaching the city of Chabarovsk or Kabarovsk.

That city is between Vladivostok and Yakutsk, it is propitious to also track the Family matters quest in this area.

The travell is really consuming: a good way to reach the city is to travel light, carrying only weapos, food and medicines (especially to recover from blood loss), using a mix of motorized raft and motorcycle from Irkutsk. The camp is very well defended and winning the battle to obtain the Nuclear Battery needed to build the electric car may be quite a challenge if you don't have powerful veichles like the T-72 tank that will boost your attack and defense. It is not impossible yet, but it will require a lot of trials with different weapons and a prompt healing with medicines right after the battle.

Raider(Mi-24) Edit

Loot Edit

  • Human corpse x5
  • Caps x21-53
  • AK-74 x1-3
  • AK-74 ammo x14-32
  • Makarov x1-3
  • Pistol ammo x10-29
  • Jacket, pant, boots, hat, respirator
  • Canned beef, canned pork
  • Matches
  • Sterile Bandage x3-5
  • Clean water x3-5
  • Vodka x1-4

Loot Edit

  • 14 Helicopter parts (MI-24)
  • Human Corpse 28
  • Makarov Handgun x3 (for me)
  • Ammo for Makarov Handgun
  • Assault Rifle Ak-74
  • Ammo for Ak-74
  • SVD
  • RPG-7
  • PG-7
  • RPKx2
  • Gasoline x190k
  • Diesel x145k
  • Canned Beef/Pork
  • Salt x90
  • Condensed Milk x4
  • Cigarettes x34
  • Flemincillin x23
  • Vodka x11
  • Pure water x50
  • Caps x800

Trivia Edit

  • " Хабаровск " in russian.