" A traditional Russian brick oven is more effective than a fire. Light the oven to use it. "

Information on this page is checked and up to date with the current version v.680.


Brick Oven are one of the building structures in-game that is mainly used as a source of fire. It is more efficient and cost-effective compared to the normal Fire as it burns for 7 days. It only needs a small amount of Firewood to refuel the brick oven and during this time, survivors can craft items as much as they want and also make food.


Brick Oven's schematics is available once survivors reached level 48. Its crafting recipe could then be unlocked in-exchange for 2 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Result
Fire Brick x200 Firebrick.png Building (Brick Oven) (Cold) x1

Mark oven.png

Brick x400 Brick.png
Scrap x1,000 Scrap metal.png
Firewood x100 Wood.png
Iron Pipe x8 Water pipe.png
Cement x2 Cement-0.png
Nail x100 Nail.png

Required Result
Tool Kit Tools.png +5% Build

Required Result
Brick Oven (Cold) Oven broken.png Fire Brick x100 Firebrick.png
Brick x100 Brick.png
Tool Kit Tools.png Scrap x50 Scrap metal.png
Crowbar Crowbar.png Firewood x50 Wood.png


Once the Brick Oven is built, survivors can finally light the oven with fire. The light will burn in 7 days and if survivors wish to extend its duration, they can stoke the fire with as little as 1 Firewood.

CookCook Stoking

Required Result
Brick Oven (Cold) Oven.png Brick Oven (Lit)

Oven on.png

Firewood x35 Wood.png

Required Result
Brick Oven (Lit) Oven on.png 15 - 16 hours extension
Firewood x1 Wood.png


  • Survivors can no longer use Brick Oven as a source of fire from version 659 onwards.
  • The brick oven can be stacked together resulting in a much longer burn duration. If one of the oven goes out of fire, the next oven will start to burn and this will reset the duration of the fire. This is ideal when mass producing item products.
  • The brick oven is required if survivors wish to take a bath inside a Brick House.

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