" Welcome home. The house gives bonuses to your rest and satiety. "

Information on this page is checked and up to date with the current version v.679.


Brick House is by far the best shelter that can be constructed by players. It offers excellent benefit to rest bonus as well as prolongs shelf-life of perishable food items by 1,000 percent. The building also protect players from Radiation and attacks from animals in the wild, but sadly it wont stop Bandits from appearing in the camp in which the house is built.

One unique feature of the brick house is that players can take a bath. Taking a bath inside the brick house will reduce Radiation level of the player by 100 units.


Brick Houses' schematics is available once survivors reach level 83. It could then be unlocked in-exchange for 3 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Tools Result
Brick x50,000 Brick.png Workbench


Building (Brick House) x1

Mark brick house.png

Cement x50 Cement-0.png
Firewood x20,000 Wood.png
Nail x2,000 Nail.png
Scrap x10,000 Scrap metal.png
Steel x5,000 Steel.png
Cloth x50 Cloth.png

Required Result
Toolkit Tools.png +10% Build
Shovel Shovel.png
Axe Axe.png
Welder Welder.png
Generator (Fuelled Up) Generator.png

Required Result
Brick House x1 Brick house.png Brick x2,500 Brick.png
Firewood x1,000 Wood.png
Tool Kit Tools.png Nail x100 Nail.png
Scrap x500 Scrap metal.png
Crowbar Crowbar.png Steel x500 Steel.png


Players can take a bath inside the brick house to remove radiation at the expense of water, soap and oven.

waterwater Take a Bath

Required Result
Clean Water x400 Pure water.png -100 Radiation


Soap x1 Soap.png
Brick Oven (Lit) Oven on.png


  • Brick House is the second best house building in-game, following after Moroz's Terem which can only be obtained during special occasions such as Christmas & New Year Events.
  • In previous versions, it is possible to convert Wooden House to Brick House.
  • On version 574, brick house can be purchased in the shop for 25,000 Caps.

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