Use this glue and rags to stick some pieces together.

Bone glue can be used in some recipes instead of insulating tape.


Requires Experience level 7.

Requires :

Result :

  • Bone glue x1


Bone glue is required to repair some armors and some handmade weapons. It is needed for constructions such as the dugout or the wooden house, to make handmade cartridges and Gunpowder grenades, to make a workbench and a chemistry lab and to make handmade rockets. Some other recipes can be done only with insulating tape so be sure to use insulating tape carefully. Once the player can trade, crafting bone glue is rather cheap; for every 250 salt, 250 bone glue can be crafted. Converting that same 250 salt to insulating tape through trade would require much more travel and result in only 100 tape.

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