• TheOldJudge

    pumpkin soup

    March 24, 2020 by TheOldJudge

    Found the pumpkin soup, but cant figure out the recipe, is it even on the game?

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  • TheOldJudge

    Searching trough the ingame files found a new weapon called ASM, a rifle type weapon, Various new perks, Truck, Poisoner, Steelmaker and a new type of ammo, the poisoned arrow, good? bad? who knows

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  • EgregiousWrecker

    New ownership

    January 15, 2020 by EgregiousWrecker

    Hello, Everyone! I am now the owner of the wiki. Hopefully, this will lead to us further developing both the wiki and the community! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns with the wiki, and I will try to address them. Either comment on this blog post, my message wall, or shoot me a message on discord (see my profile for my discord). 

    Thanks, and I hope you all have an awesome day! EgregiousWrecker.

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  • EgregiousWrecker

    New Ownership

    January 8, 2020 by EgregiousWrecker

    Hello, As many of you here in the Day R community probably know, the moderators here aren't active anymore. So, I would like to try to get some new ones! To do that, I need the OK from the community here on adopting it. That means that there need to actually be some responses to this blog post, because the people in charge of appointing new moderators want to know that those of us who use this wiki are okay with that.

    I also plan on added some more moderators, so that in the event that some of them become inactive again, there will always be at least one mod who still works on here. 

    All this being said, I'll give about a week for comments on this post, and then ask about adopting it again, assuming there's a few reponses here.

    Have a nice wo…

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  • Mrjackk

    How to trade ??

    October 29, 2018 by Mrjackk

    I tried everything and I can't trade with the survival camps. Please, anyone who can Tell me How to trade ?? Ty

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  • Sibylle49

    Darkness and Cold - Searching for Truth No. 5

    Requirements: Torch. Gas mask.

    A simple guide quest for you to understand how text quests work. You'll get a crowbar to disassemble cars and get mechanical exp.

    It's seems to be adapted from the mine which gives much better loot.

    Icebreaker of Death - SfT No. 16

    No requirements.

    Look around the foredeck cabins, get code from the boiler room,pick the key from the wardroom.

    Go down to the main deck, read in the bunkroom.

    Go up to the bridge, go into the storehouse with code to get the scuba set, go into the deckhouse and find the captain's cabin on the deck plan.

    Go down to the main deck to find the captain's cabin. The second option is right and give you a 60% worn out Nagant revolver and some cartridges…

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