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Staisy.Jluca Staisy.Jluca 3 February

Tha Influencer program

Contributors are active members of the gaming community who support the Day R with their videos, streams, articles, blog posts, etc.

Applicants must have at least one active social media channel with examples of content that might interest the audience. Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. The main factor in their selection will be the popularity of the channel(s)/content. If you do not have enough content or coverage, we may consider your application if you are enthusiastic enough.

How to apply? Send a message to @Staisy (Jluca aka Fox) (Discord)

Please submit the following:

Tell us something about yourself..well, anything you want;

Tell us what goals do you pursue by applying to the Program;


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Staisy.Jluca Staisy.Jluca 6 December 2021

Day r

Question: What is the future destiny of the game? What are the plans for development?

Answer: The released update took us a lot of effort and time. In fact, it will become the basis for future updates. Problems have been solved. Now it's more comfortable and easier to load the game with content. Now updates will come out more often, with an emphasis on new content.

Q: What did you do with the balance?

Answer: There was no balance as such before. We did everything just about by eye, as it seems to them. Now, the balance is so good that the developers can calculate how everything in the game relates to each other. We understand how does it work. And it goes from the beginning of the game to the end.

Question: When will they bring back eternity o…

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DayRman83 DayRman83 18 August 2021

A once good game

So some people might know about day R survival, others may not know jack shit and I praise'em for it. Why? Because I've just become a prime witness for the past 2 years to a game getting fucked by the demands of shitty noobs. Aka a lot of you people.

now I've played the game since about spring/summer of 2016, thats the only date I can scavenge out of my brain. However my brain has forgotten or mixed up most of the memories (the only proof) of that time.

but anyways though, thats over FIVE YEARS!!

so I think I've witnessed alot, the game used to actually be a hardcore, high-risk & high reward, MMORPG survival game. The combat wasn't great but there sure as shit wa risk to it.

nowadays, the game instead throws low risk/reward combat, combat that s…

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Kobasa124 Kobasa124 18 January 2021


Is it worth to farm wheat in your greenhouses?

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Kobasa124 Kobasa124 14 January 2021

Bandits' ammo

Why do bandits have unlimited ammo in the fight but when you search their bodies they only have a few bullets?

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W0F CZ W0F CZ 26 September 2020

Terrorized by bandits


I think I have a big problem: I accidentally went into a bandit base next to Isilkul and I am (only) 57 level (of course I had to run for my life). I didn't know it will be that hard and now when I meet bandits they are too strong for me (always I meet five of them and they have 700 armor - that's impossible to kill just one for me) and I am lucky when my wolf catch it for me and I can escape. Can I overturn it somehow or will I meet same bandits again and again untill I will be level one? Please give me a hint.


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Grenade spam

So when ever I fight the She-wolf (the boss fight at Gorenichi) I always seem to get one of the men killed because of the AIs stupity to rush the She-wolf and so since the F-1 grenades do both high damage and stun for a couple of moves, so should I or should I not spam grenades at the She-wolf fight?

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JudgeSveiky JudgeSveiky 2 March 2020

New stuff coming soon?

Searching trough the ingame files found a new weapon called ASM, a rifle type weapon, Various new perks, Truck, Poisoner, Steelmaker and a new type of ammo, the poisoned arrow, good? bad? who knows

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EgregiousWrecker EgregiousWrecker 15 January 2020

New ownership

Hello, Everyone! I am now the owner of the wiki. Hopefully, this will lead to us further developing both the wiki and the community! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns with the wiki, and I will try to address them. Either comment on this blog post, my message wall, or shoot me a message on discord (see my profile for my discord). 

Thanks, and I hope you all have an awesome day! EgregiousWrecker.

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EgregiousWrecker EgregiousWrecker 8 January 2020

New Ownership

Hello, As many of you here in the Day R community probably know, the moderators here aren't active anymore. So, I would like to try to get some new ones! To do that, I need the OK from the community here on adopting it. That means that there need to actually be some responses to this blog post, because the people in charge of appointing new moderators want to know that those of us who use this wiki are okay with that.

I also plan on added some more moderators, so that in the event that some of them become inactive again, there will always be at least one mod who still works on here. 

All this being said, I'll give about a week for comments on this post, and then ask about adopting it again, assuming there's a few reponses here.

Have a nice wo…

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Mrjackk Mrjackk 29 October 2018

How to trade ??

I tried everything and I can't trade with the survival camps. Please, anyone who can Tell me How to trade ?? Ty

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Sibylle49 Sibylle49 12 October 2018

Guides for new text quest and else (Spolier)

===Note: some information on this page may not be clear or may be out of date, it's suggested to read Searching for truth or Way Back Home (Family matters)  instead, as these have most of the information for multiple-choice text quests.

Darkness and Cold - Searching for Truth No. 5===

Requirements: Torch. Gas mask.

A simple guide quest for you to understand how text quests work. You'll get a crowbar to disassemble cars and get mechanical exp.

It's seems to be adapted from the mine which gives much better loot.

Icebreaker of Death - SfT No. 16

No requirements.

Look around the foredeck cabins, get code from the boiler room,pick the key from the wardroom.

Go down to the main deck, read in the bunkroom.

Go up to the bridge, go into the storehouse with …

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