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" I made a deal with Ignat from the Tula camp. I'll build him a forge and, in exchange, he'll teach me blacksmithing. I need to find the materials we need and bring them to the camp. "



The quest requires that you search for materials to build a Forge chimney for Ignat. It can be found in Tula after speaking to him.

You need to bring all the required materials to the man and then a new area (old warehouse) will appear on the map, next to the camp. Going there, the forge chimney needs to be built.

craftcraft Build (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Results :
  • +1 Ignat's furnace



  • Ignat's furnace (lit up) that never goes out.
  • Experience: +500


The forge will stay in the warehouse but can always be used. It is an early option to craft before one settles down and start to built a base with an own forge.

The materials can be easily found in ruins and construction sites.

updated @v.663