Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the furthest largest cities that the player can get to. It has one large hospital, two schools, a university, lots of apartment blocks, parks, pharmacies and grocery stores but be warned the city has a bandit camp. It is recommended to get at least a


bike or any other vehicle to get there safely. It is not guaranteed the player will succeed as there are many dangers along the way. It is not far from the super bandit camp Magdeburg Bandit camp.

In Real Life:[edit | edit source]

The city was split by the Berlin wall, which came down in 1989, and the DDR and BRD reunited. As the game starts in September of 1990 and reunion happened in early October of the same year, this could mean the DDR still exists in the game, hence why AK-74s and Soviet-Style architecture can be still seen in the city and the rest of the DDR such as Cottbus or Potsdam.

Note: Going to Berlin in-game when you haven't completed quests in the Far-East is risky, since there are no save points past Minsk/Kiev. So it is best advised you save in one of these places before your adventure. (Outdated as there are no more save points (v655)).

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