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" It keeps portable devices working "

Details Edit

A small 1.5 volt disposable battery used for electronics and flashlights. Be sure to always have some with you to keep your flashlights working.

Batteries are quite rare to be found in cities, therefore, the fastest way to obtain batteries quickly is to hunt bandits.

Obtaining Edit


Trading Edit

Omsk Survivor Camp
Buys Sells
Primer x5 Battery x1

Quests Edit

The Searching for truth quest requires the player to look for batteries to power the recorder in order to listen to the doctor’s diary.

In history Edit

The in-game design is actually a real battery produced in the soviet block, the element 373 1.5 volt disposable battery. It was a fairly common type of battery but got easily corroded.


Real life 373 battery, you can see the corrosion on top

Trivia Edit

Currently, the only use for batteries is for powering flashlights and the recorder but on older versions, the now removed Geiger counter required batteries to function.

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