" It is used in alcohol production. "

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Barrel is a container that is mainly used to make alcoholic beverages out of crops. It is an important material that is used in late games as survivors start building their own Greenhouses. It is recommended to assemble these containers once survivors have a permanent base to settle.


Barrels can only be crafted by players. Its schematics is available once players reach level 63 and they could then unlocked its crafting recipe for 5 Research Points.

ForgeForge Forge

Materials Tools Result
Firewood x30 Wood.png Bellow Bellows.png Barrel.pngx1
Nail x30 Nail.png Tool Kit Tools.png
Scrap x50 Scrap metal.png Forge Chimney (Lit Up) Forge chimney on.png
Glue or Insulating Tape x25 Glue tape.png


There are only 4 types of beverages that can be fermented using the Barrel.

chemchem Cook

Image Beverage (Barrels)
Barrel moonshine.png Moonshine
Barrel whiskey.png Whiskey
Barrel homemade wine.png Homemade Wine
Aquavitae.png Aqua Vitae

Note: The amount of alcohol obtained from the Barrel can be improved with the Moonshiner Perk ability.

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