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Bandits will often set up fortified bases inside cities. There are 3 types of bases with increasing difficulty.

Be sure to be prepared when attacking: have powerful weaponry and items to stitch up wounds.

Notice camps are not affected by radiation; it's possible to rest there if your radiation stat is too high. It is possible to build a simple hut and a fire camp, but more advanced buildings like dugouts, greenhouses are not allowed.

Bandit base1-0.png

Fort Level 1[]

A simple fortified house. Easy to win, gets even easier if you use the explosive barrels in the area, lootable resources are very helpful, mainly gasoline or diesel and nailed box. You will also find a crowbar. You will face three bandits defending the fort but only two (one crossbowman and one handmade pistol bandit) will move and attack the player while one of them will stay inside the base.


Possible loot[]

Fort Level 2


Bandit base 4-FULL.png

A fortified construction site turned into a bandit base composed of 4 segments. The enemies in this kind of base are tougher and have better weapons..

Bandit base 4-top.png

Possible loot[]

Headquarters (top-right):

Bandit base 4-left.png

Canteen (top-left):

Bandit base 4-bottom.png

Supplies (bottom-left):

Bandit base 4-right.png

Workshop (bottom-right):

Fort level 3[]

Bandit base 9-FULL.png

Fortified military base, divided into 9 sections. Hard to defeat, enemies are equipped with heavy weaponry. Contains the best loot, and are only found in large/medium sized towns. Players will first encounter this fort in Veliky Novgorod.

Afterwards, these forts start appearing once you're beyond Kazan/Kiev or Volgograd if you're heading west.

Possible loot[]

Storage (top-left)

Headquarters (top-center)

Canteen (top-right)

Barracks (center-left)

Arena (center)

Infirmary (center-right)

Forge (bottom-left)

Entrance (bottom-center)

Garage (bottom-right)