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Bandit Forts can be found in cities. There are 3 types of increasing difficulty.

Be sure to be prepared when attacking : have a good attack to have a chance to win, some defense to mitigate damages, and items to stitch up wounds. A good idea is to save before attacking and to have a clear vision of the current winning ratio, as well as expected consequences.

Notice camps are not affected by radiations : it is possible to rest there if your radiation stat is too high. It is possible to build a simple hut and a fire camp, but more advanced buildings like dugouts, greenhouses, ... are not allowed.

Loot Edit

Bandit base1-0

Fort 1 Edit

10 corpses will remain after winning the fight. Corpses contain : Standard Crossbows, handmade pistols, crossbow bolts, lead bullets, respirators, handmade armor, matches, knifes, cigarettes, canned beef, rusks, Improved Crossbows, Heavy Crossbows, lighters, rags. Scavangers may try to take away corpses.

Searching after defeated will reveal :

Fort 2 Edit

Corpses contain : canned pork, Canned porridge, highway armor, matches, Heavy Crossbows, Standard Crossbows, handmade double-barreled shotgun, rags, dried fish, handmade cartridges, iron bolts, crossbow bolts, rusty needle, cloth, alarm clock, handmade pistol, vodka, handmade armor, leather armor, respirator, gas mask.

You get 40-50 caps when defeating these.

These bandit camps have 4 parts to be searched :

Bandit base 4-top
  1. Main part (top):
  2. Bandit base 4-left
    Canteen (left):
  3. Bandit base 4-bottom
    Supplies (bottom):
  4. Bandit base 4-right
    Garage (right):

Fort 3 Edit

Bandit base 9-FULL

There are 9 parts in these forts. They are the rarest, and have the best loot.

The corpses contain : RPGs, AK-74s, Nagant Revolver, Pistol ammo, leather armor, highway armor, handmade armor, matches, lighters, Broken Mosin-Nagants, broken SVDs, broken PKMs, broken RPKs, respirators, gas masks, dried fish, canned beef, canned pork, canned porridge, dried meat, Heavy Crossbow, Standard Crossbows, alarm clocks, handmade double-barreled shotguns, vodka, cloth, rags, crossbow bolts, iron bolts, lead bullets, handmade cartridges, rusty needle...

In 5 of the parts, searching action will reveal :

And in the other 4 the loot is diffrent-canteen, garages, infirmary and the forge.

  1. Canteen
  2. Infirmary
  3. Garage
  4. Forge

Trivia Edit

  • These elements were introduced in v460.