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Fishing requires the use of a fishing rod and bait. Depending on the rod, the chances of getting fish will vary, the handmade fishing rod offering the lowest possibilities of a catch, and the great fishing rod which rarely misses a catch.

As for bait, different types of bait will yield more catch. It is possible to use different kinds of bait to catch fish. Following, are all the possible baits and the maximum number of fish the bait will attract.

The Angler perk will make you yield more fish significantly.

Bait Fish catch
Infected Rusks 1
link={{{2}}} Rusks 1
link={{{2}}} Rotten vegetables 4
link={{{2}}} Rotten fish 4
link={{{2}}} Raw meat 3
link={{{2}}} Rotten meat 4
link={{{2}}} Rotten porridge 4
link={{{2}}} Raw fatback 3