Characteristics Edit

  • Great water speed. Faster than a non-motorized raft.
  • Useful for crossing water bodies while still maintaining a large carrying capacity.
  • Average road and off-road speed.
  • Large carrying capacity.
  • Uses Diesel. Average fuel consumption.


Assembling Edit

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Requires the following materials :
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Results :

Shopping Edit

  • Can be purchased for 30,000 Caps

Other Edit

  • Can be obtained by disassembling the BRDM-2, this will also give the Bardiche.

Real-Life Edit

The in-game version of the BAV-485 is based on the BAV-A/ZiL-485A. The BAV (translated to: БАВ, большой автомобиль водоплавающий, Big floating vehicle) was a soviet amphibious vehicle that was patterned after the WWII American DUKW. BAVs were used in service by Warsaw Pact Armies and in the Middle East up to the 1980s. Learn more

300px-ZIL-485 Kyiv

A ZiS-485

Trivia Edit

  • It's the only Vehicle other than the BelAZ that can maintain both good land and water speed
  • You could get this vehicle by disassembling a BRDM-2 after update 614
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