Character will develop alcoholism and/or hangover consuming, within a short period of time, too much of any alcohol drinks.

Vodka, wine, or even something diluted. I have to drink to forget the horrors I've seen. Even for just a little while.

Causes Edit

Too much drinking Vodka, wine or any alcohol (also diluted) can lead to this addiction

Effect Edit

Addiction satisfied for 24 hours (drinking any alcohol during this effect will reset it progress):

  • Max HP: -8
  • Max Energy: -8
  • Walking Speed: -8%

When addiction is not satisfied:

  • Max HP: -10
  • Max Energy: -10
  • Walking Speed: -10%
  • - 5 Water/hour
  • - 3 Energy /hour

Effect (Withdrawal if satisfied effect end) will end in: 10 days.

Trivia Edit

  • Anyone with raging alcoholic perk might be addicted forever, removing the perk will cancel harmless alcohol and begin effect ending.
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